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Atrocities in Prisons across Iran


Mahmoud Mohamadi Yazdi
Mahmoud Mohamadi Yazdi

(Doc. No. 97‎)
Report submitted to Khomeini by a member Of the delegation appointed by ‎Montazeri to investigate prison conditions


In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful
His Exalted Eminence, the Great Commander of the Faithful and the Imam of the Ummah, ‎Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, ‎
With greetings, my humble self, in the company of several personalities trusted by the ‎Grand Ayatollah Montazeti, the exalted Deputy Leader, have visited the prisons and ‎detention centers of the cities of Yazd, Shahr-e Babak,Sirjan, Bandar Abbas, Jiroft and ‎Birjand.‎
The visit was carried out in accordance with instructions given by Grand Ayatollah ‎Montazeri in order to observe the treatment of prisoners by the honorable officials and the ‎prisoners’ food and other issues, and also listen to the prisoners.‎
We presented a brief report on our visit to Grand Ayatollah Montazeti and His Eminence ‎wished that the report be brought to Your Eminence’s attention, even if Your Eminence is ‎already aware of the situation. We emphasize that the prisoners were warned that they must ‎not commit another crime by telling lies about the honorable officials, as this would ‎necessitate further physical punishment for the prisoners.‎
We saw a number of Iranian and non-Iranian prisoners whose hair had been pulled out, ‎their arms and legs broken, their toes and fingers smashed, their teeth broken. They had scars ‎on their bodies. A woman from Mashhad said that she had been arrested during the month of ‎Ramadan while she was pregnant and had been beaten so much that she suffered a ‎miscarriage. Prisoners claimed that two of them had been beaten to death. Even a political ‎prisoners in Bandar Abbas, Sirjan and elsewhere said that the scars on their bodies were ‎caused by flogging with electric cables, kicking, burning the skin with lighters, being dragged ‎by a car, being burnt with kerosene and petrol, etc.  One prisoner said his genitals had been ‎burnt with a piece of wood soaked in gasoil. Some claimed that they had medical certificates ‎to prove their claims and some gave their names and particulars for follow-up of their cases.‎

Mahmoud Mohammadi Yazdi



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