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The Scandalous murder of Argentina prosecutors investigating Iran’s role in AMINA bombing has made new headline


The late Alberto Nisman
The late Alberto Nisman
The showing of a video revealing Argentine police working without gloves in handling delicate evidences at the scene of the crime of the assassination of respected prosecutor Alberto Nisman has caused tremendous embarrassment for the Argentine Police Department.
The footage, which contains numerous other irregularities, shows ’how things should not be done’, according to Ernesto Duronto, vice president of Argentina’s association of forensic experts.
Nisman was found dead in a pool of blood in his apartment on January 18, the day before he was due to reveal a secret deal to cover up the role of officials of the Iranian regime in the deadly 1994 car bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.
In the video, an officer is seen removing articles from Nisman’s safe without gloves. Officers are also seen picking up Nisman’s cellphone without gloves and cleaning the gun found at the scene with toilet paper.
Fein said police cleaned only part of the pistol to read the serial number and that would not have eliminated a criminal’s fingerprints. Duronto disagreed, saying such an action could indeed smudge prints.
Meanwhile, Argentine officials said they were probing whether someone logged onto the computer of prosecutor Alberto Nisman hours after his mysterious death in his apartment but before his mother discovered his body, The Wall Street Journal reported,
Mr. Nisman’s Samsung laptop logged the input of up to three flash drives just after 8 p.m., Ms. Fein told Argentine media on Monday, some hours after a .22-caliber Bersa was held to his head and discharged.
Investigators are looking into whether the computer—which contained data from his investigation of the Iranian regime’s officials role in a 1994 terror bombing in Argentina—was accessed locally or remotely and whether its time registry could have been changed.
According to the investigations by Prosecutor Nisman, the plan to blow up the Jewish center in Buenos Aires was discussed in a meeting of Iranian regime’s Supreme National Security Council on 14 August 1993 by Khamenei (the current supreme leader), Hashemi Rafsanjani (then President), Ali Akbar Velayati (then Foreign Minister), and Ali Fallahian (Minister of Intelligence). Once the decision for the bombing was finalized, Khamenei tasked the intelligence ministry and the revolutionary guards’ Qods Force (IRGC-QF) to carry out the bombing.
At that time, Ahmad Vahidi was the Commander of the Qods Force and Mohsen Rezaee was the Commander of IRGC. Nisman’s investigation reveals that Mullah Mohsen Rabbani, the lead in regime’s terrorism in Latin America who was working there under the cover of regime’s cultural attaché at mullahs’ embassy in Buenos Aires, along with another agent from the ministry of intelligence called Ahmad Reza Asghari working under the cover of embassy’s Third Secretary, and Imad Moghnia, the military commander of Hezbollah, were involved in implementing this plan.
On 25 October 2006, the Argentinean prosecutor issued international arrest warrants for the above individuals except for Khamenei. Nisman worked hard for the trial of these individuals in absentia.