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Iran: bazaar merchants launch strike in Tehran & Tabriz


Shoemakers in Iran
Shoemakers in Iran

In Iran protest news and strikes, the strike launched by shoemakers in the Tehran bazaar continued on Monday and Tuesday this week, protesting massive tax extortions being imposed by the mullahs’ regime. This strike was launched on Sunday, August 24th. Moreover, Tabriz bazaar merchants also went on strike on Monday, August 25th, protesting increasing taxes.

A group of textile retailers went on strike on Wednesday, August 27th, protesting tax extortions. This rally was held outside the Friday prayer leaders’ office in this city. Also, over 200 gold retailers in Isfahan staged a rally on Wednesday, August 27th, protesting the regime’s tax extortions.

Around 11 am on Sunday, August 24th, a group of youths clashed with repressive police to harass them on the pretext of their appearance being inappropriate. One of the agents went unconscious in this scuffle.


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