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Former Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha at the Iranian Gathering in Paris


Sali Berisha
Sali Berisha
As Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, vice-President of the EP put it, Albenia is an example today of commitment to humanitarian work and human rights
First of all allow me to salute Madame Rajavi the president, to salute all of you, people of the opposition the Resistance of Iran, the staunchest, the strongest, the oldest opposition of our time fighting for freedom and dignity of its nation. I came here to express my deep admirations for your struggle, for your extraordinary efforts, for your fight for the dignity of Persians of your grate nation.
I admire you and I know very well what a great challenges you face during your movement phase, what difficulties, and I know that times  would change and history was never just to you even it holds somehow a bad stepmother. But always freedom remains your north star and you are writing your own history next to the history, like the history of Mullahs the history of true nation, the history of truth of your people, the history of future of Iran.
Ladies and gentlemen، I came with a great pleasure today to meet you and to bring the greetings of your fellow citizens Mojahedin in Tirana, a small excellent community which one year ago left the camp of liberty and came in our capital. You have to be proud of them.
One year ago I was approached by your leading people, US government and your European Friends and they asked me to take a decision and definitely I didn’t hesitate at all to stand by the human rights.
But my concerns were would this Iranian resistance people would be happy and pleased in my country. And I could tell you all and all the world, they are extraordinary excellent community. They did enjoy a lot the hospitality of my nation. I wish that the actual government of Albania do this decision in favor of other compatriots from the Liberty Camp. I am here also to call on the friendly countries, but most of all to the former communist countries which know very well this scheme, what the dictatorship means and what exile and refugees means. As long as we are here so much supported by free countries, let us take the initiatives to ease your burden to empty as soon as possible Liberty Camp not to allow to be turned into a [inaudible] by forces which has nothing to do with freedom and democracy...


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