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Pandeli Majko, former prime minister heading a large delegation from Albania


Former Albanian P.M. Pandoli Majko
Former Albanian P.M. Pandoli Majko

My dear friends, Iranian brothers and sisters, 2 years ago we had been here in such a podium only 2 people, me and Ardan.
If you see the video, I finished my short speech saying that next time we Albanians will come in front of you with 22 people, but it looks that we have past the borders of our promises, you see. But our delegation is different. Here you don’t have only politicians, members of parliament, but you have doctors, professors, lawyers, people that consider Iranians that have coming in our country like part of our family.
Dear Madam Rajavi, when I came for the first time in your activity I was very afraid. Half of my colleagues that told me where are you going? Mojahedin are terrorists. And of course I have come with the idea that terrorists can’t organize such a meeting in the middle of Paris.
After, step by step I have done a lot of friends, but two of them are the most special ones, Hassan and Mehdi. I must say that Hassan is a real terrorist for ice-cream. Every 3-4 days we are drinking coffee or taking ice cream in Tirana in Albania and discussing all news that come from the Middle East. You want it or not have involved us in your story, in your drama, in your tragedy and we understand you very well. This is the reason that we have come all together in front of you.
Some years ago, in the middle of the Cold War, the American President Kennedy was in Berlin, in the western Berlin, western Berlin was more less as Camp Ashraf in the middle of communist world. And from Berlin this politician, this great man declared his very famous expression, “Ich bin a Berliner”, “I am a Berliner”, and in the name of all my friends in Albania I have come here to say “man Mojahed hastam”.
The other words I know are not important. I am a politician I know to have good speeches, to do good speeches, but I think that what I have said you understand me very well. I have a dream to come soon in Tehran, invited by you and with Mehdi and Hassan to have an ice-cream, Iranian ice-cream in Tehran. Thank you very much.



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