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Ambassador Marc Ginsberg, U.S. Envoy to Morocco, and White House Adviser for Middle East Policy at the Paris Gathering


Marc Ginsberg
Marc Ginsberg

Ambassador Marc Ginsberg: "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Marc Ginsberg and I have an important message to all of you out there, to everyone in back and everyone in the front. For all of the conversations we’ve had. The most important thing Madame Rajavi and all of us want to remember. Are those people who are in Camp Liberty who are facing even increased dangers, whose family members are here today, who deserve to have you say loud and clear, "Let my people go."
I believe, as everyone believes that the longer those inhabitants who are our brothers and sisters, mothers and sons, brothers and daughters face the dangers of their daily existence when they are imprisoned and when our governments, particularly my government, cannot find that means to provide them the safety and security and bring them to where they belong in United States, it is time to say "Let my people go."
I believe ladies and gentlemen, that the voices that you have brought here today need to be heard not only in Tehran, not only in Baghdad, but throughout Europe as well as in the United States. The president of the United States has the power today to make the decision to bring those people who are our brothers and sisters to freedom and security. Mr. President, let our people come to the United States.
They deserve to have your voices heard. I do not want to stand here again and to have to provide any more alibis or excuses as to why the United States is not fulfilling its humanitarian and legal obligations as well as the commitments as they were made by the military to those brave people who are in Camp Liberty. It is time for the president and his administration to stop leading from behind and to get in front of saving the people who you and I know deserve freedom.
I just want to close, because its late and the sun is setting, but when we leave here tonight, let’s make sure that everyone leaves with a mission, and that is to make sure that our leaders here that these people deserve better than what they have. "WE NEED A FREE IRAN"