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Address by Robert Torricelli, former Senator and legal representative of Ashraf and Camp Liberty residents at the Grand Gathering in Paris


Senator Robert Torricelli
Senator Robert Torricelli
Senator Robert Torricelli: People of the Mojahedin, allow me to introduce my self.
My name is Bob Torricelli and I am a soldier in the liberation of Iran. I will never tire, I will never stop, I will never give in, I will see a free Iran. To those of you, to those of you in the bleachers in the back, will you ever give in, will you ever give up on the struggle to free Iran?
(The crowd, “NO”)
To those of you on my left, are you committed to the destruction of the mullahs regime?
(The crowd, “YES”)
To those of you on my right, will you come here as long as it takes until we meet in Tehran with the free Iranian people?
To the mullahs, first we gathered in Frankfurt, in London and Paris and New York by the hundreds. Then we came to Paris by the thousands. Here me well mullahs, soon we will come to the street of Tehran by the millions and take back the future of the people of Iran. The mullahs may talk to Merkel or Obama or Hollande. They can talk all they want, we as a people of those nations know there is nothing left to say, the regime must go.
And to the people of Camp Liberty, South Africa has its Robin Island, the French have their Bastille and the Russians have their Summer Palace. In America we have York Town. For a thousand years school children in Iran will learn when their country was enslaved, when patriots were sent to the gallows, when brave men and woman where killed, a free people still lived in Camp Liberty. You are inspiration, there is a free Iran and we will join you in Tehran. God bless you all.