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Mrs. Rajavi’s speech at the Grand Iranian gathering in Paris


Mrayam Rajavi
Mrayam Rajavi

27 June 2014
All for freedom

In the name of God,
In the name of Iran and the Iranian people
In the name of freedom, in the name of Resistance and the liberation army
In the name of the martyrs and political prisoners, prisoners of conscience and perseverance

I hail of all you who have come here from five continents around the world.
And greetings to you personalities, spokespersons and representatives of 69 countries who have come here to voice solidarity with the Iranian people and Resistance.
I would like to pay tribute to Maurice Bouscavert, this great man of justice and freedom and mayor of Taverny that has recently passed away.
And greetings to the Mojahedin, from Ashraf Rajavi to Moussa Khiabani, from Sedigheh and Neda to Gholamreza Khosravi, the trailblazers and heroes in the 33-year struggle against religious fundamentalism.

Hail to the arisen people of Syria and Iraq and their campaign for freedom and democracy and against terrorism and fundamentalism.

Dear Compatriots,

We stand at a very sensitive juncture of history of Iran and the Middle East. This turning point has been impacted by the most important reality of the present time: the final phase of the velayat-e faqih regime has arrived.

The eruption of popular rage among the Iraqi people has shaken the occupation of Iraq by the velayat-e faqih regime to its foundations.

The 11-year investment of the mullahs’ regime in Iraq has evaporated. The mullahs, reluctant to drink the chalice of poison of the nuclear agreement, are now grappling with the consequences of the poison of their defeat in Iraq.

Since day one, owing to its unique geopolitical status, Iraq was the biggest prey for the religious dictatorship ruling Iran to export fundamentalism and terrorism. Khomeini’s eight-year war with the motto of “Liberating Quds via Karbala,” was waged to occupy Iraq and the holy shrines.

At the time, the National Liberation Army of Iran, carried out 100 military operations, liberated the town of Mehran and prepared itself for the march to Tehran, forcing Khomeini to drink, in his own words, the chalice of poison of the ceasefire.

The devastating war ended, but 15 years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Iran’s ruling religious dictatorship saw its long-held dream realized. The terrorist Quds Force and its paid operatives, the names of 32,000 of whom we exposed, took control of the Iraqi people’s destiny.

This is the list of 32000 paid agents of the terrorist Quds Force in Iraq.

Incidentally, what are Qassem Soliemani, the Quds Force commander, and 200 other IRGC commanders doing in Iraq today?

More than a decade ago, millions of Iraqi signed statements, underscoring that from the beginning they had been faced with a “hidden war and undeclared occupation” by the Iranian regime, which later evolved into an open occupation and even led to the bombing of the holy Shrine in Samarra.
At the time, 5.2 million Iraqi called for the eviction of the Iranian regime from their country.

In December 2006, Ahmadinejad said, “Iran was the beneficiary of the windfall gains of the occupation of the two neighboring countries, Iraq and Afghanistan.” And in August 2008, Ali Larijani declared that all those who rule Iraq “listen to us and are our friends.”

And this is a request for weapons from the terrorist Quds Force by the ruling Ad Dawa Party in Iraq. It is dated April 2004.

American, European and Arab dignitaries present here have said repeatedly in recent years that Iraq was handed over to the mullahs on a silver platter. As such today Iraq is a country with
-    a government under the thumb of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader;
-    repressed freethinkers and intellectuals;
-    a destroyed Christian community;
-    the slaughter of the Sunnis;
-    daily bombings, assassinations and explosions;
-    twenty-six assaults on Ashraf and Liberty and a deadly siege;
-    many martyrs, injured and hostages as well as a mass and illegal detention.

In August 2007, General Odierno said that 73 percent of US casualties in Iraq were due to attacks by pro-Iranian militias.

Indeed, the United States made a historic blunder by considering the ruling religious dictatorship as part of the solution and acquiescing to its joint governance of Iraq.

Conversely, the combatants of Iran’s freedom who were not a party to the conflict in Iraq were heavily bombed and their weapons confiscated in return for a betrayed promise of protection.

In these years, especially since February 2010, the Iraqi people staged hundreds of demonstrations, demanding the expulsion of the Iranian regime from Iraq. Peaceful sit-ins and demonstrations continued for more than a year in six Iraqi provinces. Opposition to the Iranian regime’s dominance of Iraq became the primary issue of contention in that country.

The uprisings in Mosul and other Iraqi cities caught everyone, first and foremost, Khamenei, off guard and shook the Revolutionary Guards. The Iranian regime attempted fruitlessly to confront the Iraqi people’s uprising by characterizing the rebellion by millions of Iraqis as terrorism and actions of extremist groups. This was while tribal leaders and the people of Iraq have for weeks repeatedly condemned any form of extremism and terrorism as well as any assault and aggression against civilians.

The have underscored that they had been at war with terrorism and Al-Qaeda in Iraq before and are prepared to do so again. But, one cannot ignore the terrorism by the Maliki government and the Iranian regime, which is the root cause of this situation.

Regardless of the prevailing analysis or opinions on the present situation, there is widespread consensus internationally that the current state of affairs in Iraq emanates from Maliki’s monopolistic and suppressive policies.

Thus, there is only one solution, which is to oust Maliki, to evict the Iranian regime from Iraq and to establish a democratic and inclusive government.

Here, I must emphasize that the only outcome of negotiations with, and seeking assistance from, the religious dictatorship would be to drag the Iraqi people into the quagmire of carnage and civil war.

Eleven years ago, I said that the danger of the mullahs dominating Iraq was a hundred times more dangerous than the nuclear threat posed by Tehran. Time proved this to be correct. Now, the poison of losing Iraq is a hundred times more lethal than the poison of nuclear retreat.

In all these years, like the nuclear revelations, the Iranian Resistance led the way in exposing the Iranian regime’s meddling and atrocities in Iraq. Through paying a heavy price, the Iranian Resistance confronted the ogre of fundamentalism and insisted that the Iranian regime is the main enemy of the people of Iran and the region and must be overthrown.

Hail to the heroes of such perseverance, especially the 52 martyrs of Camp Ashraf, led by the distinguished women, Zohreh Gha’emi, Giti Givechian, Mitra Bagherzadeh, Jila Tolou, Maryam Hosseini and Fatimah Kamyab, to whom this gathering is dedicated.

Allow me here to underscore the responsibility of the United States and the UN Secretary General regarding the security, protection and safety of the Mojahedin who are held as prisoners at Camp Liberty.

We have repeatedly called on the United States to transfer the residents of Liberty to the US or to a European country even on a temporary basis. We would pay for all the expenses of such relocation. This is practical, as done by the US in the past in Iraqi Kurdistan and in the Balkans.

I again emphasize that no attack on Liberty could be launched without prior intervention and coordination with the Iraqi government.

The United States must at least prevent the Iraqi regime from carrying out any attacks or aggression and imposing restrictions on the residents of Liberty.
 It must guarantee the security of Camp Liberty and work to end the inhumane siege against it and compel the Iraqi government to release seven Asharfi hostages.

Additionally, the refugee rights of the residents of Liberty must be upheld to the last person.
Particularly, in the current circumstances in Iraq, the UN must station a unit of the Blue Helmets at Liberty.

Dear Compatriots, friends,

I said that the final phase of the religious dictatorship has arrived, which demonstrates itself in five major developments:

The Iranian people’s preparedness to rise up and attain freedom, the widening rift at the pinnacle of the Iranian regime, the mullahs’ retreat from their nuclear bomb project and the regime’s plunge into two devastating wars in Iraq and Syria.

And most importantly, the readiness of a Resistance movement which can steer the developments toward overthrowing the religious dictatorship and the liberating the Iranian people and Iran.

Last year, Khamenei failed to impose his own candidate during the sham elections. Fearing a popular uprising, he submitted to the victory of the rival faction’s candidate. The hidden side of Khamenei’s paranoia was his fear of a Resistance which had nine months earlier succeed in revoking the U.S. terrorist label against it.
Rouhani took office with the slogan of moderation. His supporters jubilantly claimed that the regime had found a solution to overcome the crisis it was facing. We said, to the contrary, the ruling theocracy has grown even weaker than before.

Nevertheless, the onus continues to be on the regime.

Let us wait and see what it will do with freedom and human rights, with the nuclear weapons program, with the intransigent policies in Iraq and Syria. Now, you see that in eight months, Rouhani has done what Khatami took eight years to do:

He has neither brought the Iranian people economic welfare nor human rights; and neither stability nor strength for the regime. Instead, suppression and executions have dramatically increased.

About half of the government budget is spent on domestic repression and warmongering because the regime fears popular protests and uprising.

Today, 67 percent of industrial units are shut down. The official currency has plummeted by 80 percent. The banking system is bankrupted. Agriculture is destroyed. Half of cities suffer from water shortages. Environment is a disaster. Poverty is so pervasive that most citizens need subsidies worth only 42 cents a day.

The ruling mullahs have spent everything on repression, warmongering and terrorism. This is the main cause for inflation, poverty and hunger in society. These days, Rouhani is trying in vain to preserve this anti-human and ahistoric regime through token subsidies and good baskets will be futile.

For this reason, we say the economic crisis has no solution other than the overthrow of the velayat-e faqih regime.

Dear compatriots,

All of you know that the ruling theocracy viewed and continues to view the nuclear project as a guarantee for its survival. It was the Iranian resistance which blew the lid off this program more than a decade ago.

We have said repeatedly that we want a non-nuclear Iran.

We have consistently sought the mullahs’ retreat in the anti-Iranian nuclear program, which according to the Economist has so far cost 300 million dollars. One of Ahmadinejad’s ministers revealed recently that the nuclear program is damaging the Iranian economy 160 million dollars a year.

It would have been inconceivable for the regime to retreat on the nuclear file to the extent that they have without the Iranian Resistance’s revelations and worldwide campaign and without pressures and sanctions. Is this clear to everyone? The mullahs understand no language other than power and decisiveness.

Now that they have fallen in the nuclear trap, if they continue their deception and buy time, the situation will get even worse.

Any halt in the regime’s nuclear program would upset the regime’s internal equilibrium, paving the way for uprisings in the waiting. So, in addressing the ruling mullahs, we say,

Even if all sanctions are lifted today, you cannot save your disintegrating and moribund economy.

Here, on behalf of the Iranian people and Resistance, I warn the P5+1 that they should not engage in deals in Vienna and Geneva at the expense of the Iranian people’s human rights and offer concessions to the mullahs.

Compel the mullahs to shut down all their bomb-making, enrichment and heavy water program.
Compel them to implement all UN Security Council Resolutions and the IAEA Governing Council statements.

This regime must accept the NPT, and allow unhindered international inspections of all its suspected nuclear and military sites.  

Dear Compatriots,

We spoke of the regime’s mortal deadlocks. But Khamenei’s another crisis is the regime’s involvement in the war with the people of Syria, which has left 200,000 dead and 11 million refugees. Khamenei spend Iranian blood and money in this war to prevent the fall of the Syrian dictator.

In his own words, the Supreme Leader uses Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as the regime’s “strategic depth.” This means that Syria and Iraq are protective shields for the regime. If they are taken down, then the mullahs defend themselves in Tehran, where they would immediately implode.

We again call on the international community to support the Syrian revolution, the Free Army and the national coalition of revolutionary and opposition forces in Syria.

Hail to the people of Syria and their martyrs and heroes.

Indeed, now, from Tehran to Baghdad to Damascus, from the nuclear deadlock to the crisis of human rights and economic disintegration, deadly and poisonous developments that are to the regime’s detriments are occurring one after the other.

Now, if anyone doubts that the religious dictatorship is reaching the final phase, down the slippery slope of being overthrown, should remember five years ago and the uprising in June 2009. The regime was on the verge of being overthrown. But we and our people were betrayed.

Indeed, we say the mullahs’ rule is about to reach its end. Our Iran is not a property of the anti-Iranian reactionaries and the velayat-e faqih regime. Khatami, Ahmadinejad and Rouhani do not represent our Iran.

The Iranian regime is the record holder of executions and the central banker of terrorism. It must be overthrown.

This is the verdict of history. This is what 120,000 martyrs of freedom have called for. This is the message of our gathering today: the religious fascism must be overthrown.

Dear Compatriots,

The reality is that the engine and primary force that guides the developments is neither the tug-of-war between the regime and the U.S. in the nuclear file nor the infighting between the two ruling factions.

The main battle has been and is between the Iranian people and their Resistance and the ruling theocracy.

This resistance movement organizes rebellion and protest in the depth of the regime’s political prisons; it calls on democratic and progressive forces to confront fundamentalism and the velayat-e faqih regime. This movement is the antithesis to terrorism and to the export of terrorism.

This is a Resistance whose members have waged an unprecedented and historic perseverance at the front lines under the most difficult circumstances. They held major campaigns, including a 108-day hunger strike in different countries around the world. They have staged the longest sit-in that has continued in Geneva for more than three years. They have organized numerous daily demonstrations in the four corners of the world in which Iranian communities and Ashraf supporters have participated.

In clearest terms, these demonstrate the capability and capacity of the Iranian people and their organized resistance to bring about regime change.

As the leader of Resistance said “We offer peace, security, democracy, human rights, stability, construction and a non-nuclear Iran to the region.”

Indeed, a Resistance that has successfully passed an assortment of tests in the past 33 years with flying colors can definitely attain freedom and popular sovereignty. We can and we must.

Dear Compatriots,
Inside and outside Iran, the clerical regime has engaged in widespread conspiracies and activities against the Mojahedin and the Iranian Resistance, including in thousands of articles, hundreds of books, dozens of films and television serials and hundreds of exhibitions. Why is it doing all this for?

Because it fears the popularity and impact of the Resistance movement.

Despite such paranoia, however, the mullahs claim that this resistance lacks any popular base inside Iran.

Our answer: Ensure the freedom and security of members and sympathizers of the Resistance movement to hold a march in the streets of Tehran and you will then see how throngs will uproot your regime.

The mullahs boast that maintaining power for 35 years signifies their strength.
Our answer: halt execution and torture. Everyone will see that this decadent regime cannot even survive for 35 days.

Indeed, our roadmap to freedom is that we are ready for all the sacrifices of enduring suppression, incarceration, torture and execution;
We are ready for whatever accusation, demonization and betrayal we may face;
We are ready for countless tests and trials.

Indeed, in the battle for freedom, we are ready for hundreds of other obstacles and challenges.

Dear compatriots,

Today, I spoke about the failures of the religious dictatorship and the achievements of the Iranian Resistance.

But the regime’s biggest defeat in 2013 was its attempts to deliver a blow to the leader of the Iranian Resistance. Last year at this gathering, I referred to the conspiracies by Khamenei and Martin Kobler’s attempts to get information on Massoud Rajavi.

In parallel, a campaign of demonization reached new heights, paving the way for the September 1 massacre at Camp Ashraf,.

The regime’s leaders said that as far as they were concerned the September 1 attack on Ashraf was more important than the effort to thwart the resistance’s operation eternal light 26 years ago. They had sent a traitor to join Maliki’s security forces to quickly guide them to the Command Headquarters at Camp Ashraf. But they failed to reach their primary objective. Of course, following the attack on Ashraf, the regime’s leaders heightened their venomous propaganda against the Resistance’s leader.

What Massoud Rajavi has founded, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the National Liberation Army of Iran, confronting the regime’s export of terrorism and fundamentalism and underscoring the regime’s geopolitical Achilles’ heel, has blocked the ruling clerics’ advances everywhere.

Indeed, what he has founded is the tradition of no surrender in the face of adversity. It is the tradition of sacrifice and honesty. It is a lesson in keeping one’s promise.

It is because of this ideal and this generation that the mullahs are paranoid of being overthrown. They see in their own eyes that the generation Massoud Rajavi has nurtured is determined to bring the Iranian people their freedom no matter what the cost.

Dear Compatriots,

From this huge gathering today, we send our greetings to the political prisoners and their brave families, those who through their resistance brought the issue of human rights abuses by this inhumane regime to the forefront.

The barbaric raid on Evin Prison’s ward 350, the rebellious center named Ashraf 350, was an attempt to intimidate the political prisoners and Iranian society.

Hail to Martyr Gholamreza Khosravi, who broke the regime redline and introduced himself as a Mojahed, courageously targeting the regime at its heart and paying the ultimate price and becoming eternal.

Gholamreza said, “I am a proud sympathizer of the People’s Mojahedin of Iran.” The people of Iran felt proud of his heroism and the youth learned from him lessons in how to preserver.

Indeed, all brave prisoners, Gholamreza, other Mojahed and militant prisoners, the Kurdish, the Arab, the Baluchi and Sunni prisoners who are on the verge of execution these days, proved that their resistance with their hands tied in the depth of prisons is part and parcel of the struggle for overthrowing the mullahs’ regime. This is a struggle in which the henchmen fall to their knees in the face of the prisoner’s resolve. History has testified that so long as there is such a struggle, dictators will not be spared.

Hail to the martyrs and to those who stand their ground.

Dear Friends,

I congratulate the advent of the holy month of Ramadan to all Muslims, especially to the people of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Mojahedin who are in Liberty prison.

Let us hope that the freedom of the nations of Iran and the Middle East would arrive as soon as possible.

I hail the martyrs of the Iranian people’s uprising and call on all my compatriots to resist and rise up against the religious tyranny ruling Iran.

This is a call for the liberation of the fettered Iran and the building of a free homeland, a republic based on the separation of Religion and State, gender equality, where death penalty is abolished; a non-nuclear Iran.
We will build a nation
Where no laws trump the will of the people
We will build a nation
Where gallows are a bitter and distant memory
Where cranes will once again be used to raise cities
We will build a nation
Where the immoral practice of hangings would be annulled
Where every city and every street of tomorrow
Would have imprinted on their walls the words written large:
No to lashing and torture
No to the massacre of joyful flowers
No to the suppression of people
No to destructive nuclear policies and the nuclear bomb
Because at the heart of this nation
Lies only the blossoming of delight
And a people granted the inalienable right of freedom in every corner of their land
We will build a nation
“In which the greatness of the Sun would be captured in the eyes of its dawn”
The name of this liberated land is Iran
The name of this liberated land
Is Iran