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Jarba: abandoning Syria revolution is biggest support to terrorism across region


SNC President Ahmed Jarba
SNC President Ahmed Jarba
Syrian National Coalition President Ahmed Jarba in his speech at the Islamic countries foreign ministers meeting in Jadda said, “What we are currently witnessing in Iraq is a cry before all Arabic countries to take their position between murderers and the murdered.”
Referring to the devious sloganeering and warmongering of senior Iranian regime officials under the pretext of protecting sacred shrines in Iraq and Syria in order to justify their support for murderers such as Maliki and Assad, Jarba said, “With unprecedented audacity and lies such as protecting sacred shrines, some governments are supporting murderers and carrying out massacres against the people.”
“The Syrian revolution has proven that it is fighting alone against the Assad regime and its supporters, along with its Hezbollah and Asaeb mercenaries dispatched from Iraq, and ISIS and its branches, without the direct or indirect foreign intervention,” he added.
“Abandoning the Syrian revolution and refusing to support it is the biggest aid to terrorism across the region,” Jarba said while emphasizing on practical support for the Syrian revolution instead of issuing statements and verbal condemnations.