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Iran has occupied Iraq, movement leader says


Such scenes show Iran’s influence and meddling in Iraq
Such scenes show Iran’s influence and meddling in Iraq

Sheikh Shahab al-Badri, one of the senior movement leaders in Iraq’s Diyala Province, said to al-Qarbiya TV regarding Khomeini posters in the streets of Baquba, capital of Diyala Province, “Posting such pictures shows Iraq is occupied by Iran...”
In response to this question why don’t Diyala officials prevent such measures he said, “In Diyala and all of Iraq a province governor has no authority. All the authority is monopolized in one person and that is Maliki. He does whatever he wants and this is a dictatorship in all aspects of Iraq’s society.”
“All this will only end with the end of Maliki, the end of sectarianism and the end of these criminals… millions displaced, millions killed and millions of others criminalized, raped and tortured, and the war against Ramadi and the killing of residents and their leaders is a case that Maliki has left of his himself, and only with Maliki’s end will this situation come to an end,” he said.