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Iran’s humiliating satellite launch failure

The Iranian regime has wasted more of the nation’s riches in yet another failed satellite launch-February 9, 2020
The Iranian regime has wasted more of the nation’s riches in yet another failed satellite launch-February 9, 2020

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, February 10, 2020—Seeking a publicity stunt prior to the 41st anniversary of Iran’s 1979 anti-monarchial revolution, the mullahs’ regime has failed for a fifth time to launch a satellite into the Earth’s orbit. Such expensive projects are carried out at a time when over 80 percent of the Iranian population is struggling in poverty and such budgets should be used to allocate basic necessities for the deprived Iranian people.

Iranian regime officials announced on Sunday night local time that the Dhafar satellite failed to reach the necessary speed to enter the Earth’s orbit and their entire plan ended in failure.

Enormous budgets have been spent on such satellite launches while this money belongs to the Iranian people. And regime authorities have been using all propaganda means for the past week in this regard.

“In the mission to launch the Dhafar satellite into orbit by the Simorgh satellite launcher, the process went as planned and in the final stages the satellite launcher did not reach the necessary speed to insert the satellite into the desired orbit,” said Ahmad Hosseini, spokesman of the Iranian regime’s Defense Ministry Space Program.

This is the fifth time the Iranian regime has failed to launch a satellite into the Earth’s orbit. This initiative is a cloak for the regime to carry out banned ballistic missile launches under the pretext of so-called scientific tests. These measures have been condemned time and again by the international community.

Back in September 2019, the mullahs failed in launching two satellites by the names of Omid and Payam into orbit.

In February of 2019, the Iranian regime not only failed to launch a satellite, the censorship of this news became a major embarrassment that evolved into a significant internal crisis for the mullahs. “Filtering and censoring the news reports about the new failure to send a satellite into orbit is humiliating for the [regime]. Opposition media outlets are constantly broadcasting and publishing news about this failure while state media has remained completely silent. This is humiliating,” one pro-regime “expert” wrote.

On January 25, 2019, the Iranian regime’s intention to launch a satellite into space failed miserably, leaving the mullahs facing escalating international criticism over its violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231.

More embarrassing was the fact that a day prior to that a cargo plane crashed into residential areas near a Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) airport in Karaj, west of Tehran, leaving 15 people dead. Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani’s claims that the mullahs are seeking to send an Iranian satellite into space raised enormous anger among the public.

“We are a country that in the coming days, God willing, we will send two satellites into space. The Payam satellite that will be sent into space by a satellite launcher made in Iran. The satellite itself is also built by one of our own universities. This satellite will orbit us six times a day. This morning, however, a plane carrying meat experienced difficulties, unfortunately, and was involved in an incident,” Rouhani had said in an attempt to minimize the innocent lives lost and damages caused.

41 years after hijacking the 1979 anti-monarchial revolution, the mullahs’ regime has been plundering the Iranian people’s God-given wealth to pursue its malign activities. This includes establishing a massive domestic crackdown machine involved in gross human rights violations to maintain its rule in power; funding, training and arming terrorist groups and the Assad regime; developing ballistic missiles in violation of UN Security Council resolutions; and pursuing a completely unnecessary nuclear program as a cover to obtain nuclear weapons.

Iranian regime officials and their family members are also living luxurious lives both inside Iran and abroad, while more and more Iranians are literally searching the trash for something to sell or even eat.

Iran sits on the world’s second largest natural gas and fourth largest crude oil reserves. All the while, the Iranian people are further plunging into the misery of poverty. More the reason why the Iranian people are seeking to topple the mullahs’ regime, as seen in the chants of the recent November 2019 nationwide protests.


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