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World must hold Iran accountable for its Yemen meddling

Iran-made improvised explosive devices in the shape of a rock and sent to Houthi militias in Yemen
Iran-made improvised explosive devices in the shape of a rock and sent to Houthi militias in Yemen

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


June 23, 2018Iran’s denial seems ridiculous as evidence of this regime providing weapons to the Houthis in Yemen is becoming undeniable.

More light is shed on the depth of the Iranian regime’s support of Houthi militias as Yemen government forces continue their advances in the strategic Hodaydah port.

The Iranian regime has continuously denied providing arms to the Houthi militias from day one of hostilities in Yemen. Tehran has also vigorously pushed any and all efforts, and suggestions, to find a responsible solution into utter failure.

Yemeni forces, with support provided by the United Arab Emirates military, are saying they now control Al Hodaydah airport and taking over the city will be a significant turning point in this flashpoint country.

Arab coalition commanders are saying they control the Al Hodaydah airport, leading to the discovery and neutralization of around 30,000 mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

This week coalition officials in Abu Dhabi held an exhibition of Iran-made weaponry found in the mentioned airport. These equipments include drones, heavy weaponry, IEDs camouflaged into the shape of rock and even a remote controlled boat packed with explosives. This equipment was provided by Iran to the Houthis in Yemen.

Coalition officials also exposed details of this weaponry bearing markings of the Iranian regime. This included fuel for missiles used by the Houthis.

Saudi Arabian officials are saying the Houthis have launched 150 ballistic missiles from Yemen into Saudi soil.

The world has closed its eyes to Iran’s meddling in the Yemen war. It is now high time for international bodies such as the United Nations to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its measures.

It is worth noting that the Arab coalition held this exhibition in support of Yemen’s legal government. This conglomerate of weapons proves how the Iranian regime is sending smuggled weapons and military technology to the Houthis, and thus violating international laws.

The time for action against Tehran is now.