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Vice-chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania, Ben-Oni Ardelean

Excerpts from the speech by Ben-Oni Ardelean, Vice-chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania-FreeIran2018


We look forward to be here with you. And it is several years in a row since we came over here and we are here on the podium with some our brothers from Moldova…

People were arrested all over Romania and there were so many that suffered during that time including my family. That's why we are here to say very frankly that we very much understand what is going on right now in Iran and we very much support you in opposition. Although we are from different countries, we all have to enjoy freedom, we all want to enjoy democracy, we all want to support human rights and we all want to support what's going on here because we believe that we have to be a free society and we have to live under those conditions. I want right now to encourage you to keep going on to keep on the right track to go further with what you do because we are the ones to be on the right side of the society in our days.


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