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UAE forces capture Iranian drone loaded with explosives in Yemen

An Iranian-made Qusaf-1 aircraft
An Iranian-made Qusaf-1 aircraft

Al Arabiya, 18 April 2018 -- The anti-aircraft defense unit of UAE’s armed forces was able to discover and control an Iranian-made Qusaf-1 aircraft loaded with explosives trying to sneak into positions close to Yemeni forces loyal to legitimacy and supported by the Arab coalition forces on the western coast of Yemen.

During the examination of the aircraft, the competent teams on the ground discovered a large quantity of explosive material intended to be used against targets in Yemen.

“The Arab coalition has continued to address these Iranian capabilities which pose a direct threat not only to the Yemeni forces and people but also threaten the freedom of shipping routes in the Red Sea in the same way that it threatens civilian installations,” a statement on UAE state agency WAM read.



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