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Two Iranian coal-miners die in Mazandaran

Coal mine (from archives)
Coal mine (from archives)

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 21, 2019 - Two coal miners died on Thursday from poisonous gas in Shirdarreh coal mine in Mazandaran province, northern Iran. The laborers are the victims of the regime's inefficiency in providing proper working conditions. The two poor laborers’ names were added to the long list of victims who die every year because of sub-standard work conditions in Iran’s mines.

The recent accident is an umpteenth accident in Iran’s coal mines since the past two weeks, which has resulted in the death of workers, according to the regime’ state-run news agency ILNA. The coal mine of Eastern Alborz had two similar incidents recently.

While under the dictatorship of mullahs, Iran is breaking all the worst safety records in the world, Iranian laborers are paying the price of the Iranian regime’s mismanagement with their lives.

The mullahs are spending all of Iran’s wealth on preserving their rule of their on the one hand and filling their own pockets on the other.

The regime warmongering acts in the region and especially its recent efforts to sabotage oil transfer in the Persian Gulf, its funding of terrorist groups and its proxies in the Middle East, in addition to its investment on expensive nuclear activities and suppressive measures in the country are being paid out of the pocket of the Iranian people. This is pushing the Iranian nation into severe poverty and depriving them of all necessary services and standard of a decent living.

While the mullahs’ regime points out to the sanctions to deceive the international community, the Iranian people know the root of their problems. They are voicing it in the slogans of their daily protests across the country against the regime’s authorities: “Give up the warmongering acts and think about us.”