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“Tomorrow may be too late” for Iran’s regime

Iran’s regime desperately attempting to control ongoing crises
Iran’s regime desperately attempting to control ongoing crises

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 10, 2018 - Fearful of Iran’s army of the unemployed and hungry protesters is depriving the regime’s rulers of any sleep.

Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani has recently called on this frustrated nation to be patient for “five or six more months, or a year,” so things can straighten out.

His deputy, Eshagh Jahangiri, believes the patience period should be nine months. More recently, however, Ahmad Jannati, chair of the ultraconservative Guardian Council, provided no time limit in his remarks and called on the people to be endlessly patient, taking the life for what it is!

All the Iranian regime’s officials, from top to bottom, are terrified of the status quo, especially considering the presence and influence imposed by the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), in the recent protests sweeping across the country.

Jannati referred to various issues such as unemployment, illiteracy, the poor economy and … calling on the people to refrain from revolting against this injustice and plundering, and simply be frugal in their expenses.

Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami once again resorted to his deceptive remarks, providing hollow and baseless promises of reform, and emphasizing that the people “must not be disappointed by the system losing its capability to reform.”

Hamidreza Haji Babai, a so-called member of parliament in Iran, promised: “a strong command” inside the country, adding “this strong commander must have no fear” and the people’s problems will be resolved.

This former education minister said the people are now completely disappointed in all of the regime’s factions, chanting in the streets “Reformists, principalists, GAME OVER.”

Amir Mohebian, a former member of the faction close to Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, also acknowledges these troubling times.

“It is not far from the truth if we say the people no longer buy political deceptions or anything from the players involved in this regard,” he said.

It is crystal clear that on the streets and down to earth the people seek this regime’s overthrow. The people are staging protests in cities across the country on a daily basis.

The regime’s own officials are making alarming remarks.

“The solution lies in sacking Mr. Khamenei from power… tomorrow may be too late,” said Abolfazl Qadiani, one of the regime’s so-called reformists.

The toppling of this entire regime is very near. There is no question in this reality. The Iranian people will no longer accept any deceptive plots from this regime and will overthrow the entire mullahs’ apparatus.


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