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Three facts unveiled about Iran’s protesting truckers

General strikes are expanding rapidly in Iran
General strikes are expanding rapidly in Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, May 27, 2018 - Much like many other protests launched by various branches of Iran’s society, thousands of truck drivers in over 240 cities throughout the country’s 31 provinces began on May 21st as drivers began a strike protesting difficult living conditions.




Unexpectedly, the scope of this face-off between the Iranian regime and its transportation officials, against the truck drivers that currently enjoy support amongst the general public regarding their strike, has caught everyone off guard.

This protest movement is currently highlighting three facts about Iran’s utterly protestive society.





Powder keg ready to explode:

How this protest has developed, expanded and is supported by Iranians throughout the country comes from a society with a highly potential atmosphere to turn strongly against the ruling regime.


Regime’s failure to block Telegram:

Interesting is the fact that this protest, and its rapid expansion to numerous cities, has taken shape after the Iranian regime blocked Telegram, a popular messaging app used by over 40 million people in Iran. As a result, the organized nature of this protest movement indicates the truckers are in close contact and most likely using platforms such as Telegram. This goes to say the Iranian regime has failed to block messaging apps in its attempt to deny the Iranian people such a medium to coordinate anti-regime protests.



The continuation and expansion of this general strike shows that more organized, widespread and radical protests depict a very grim future awaiting the ruling mullahs in Iran.