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The aftershocks of the IRGC terrorist designation

The guardians of terror
The guardians of terror

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 19, 2019The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, IRGC, was officially designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization on Monday, April 15, 2019, according to a statement by the US Federal Reserve. At first, when the designation was announced, the Iranian regime tried to hide its fears by resorting to ridiculous usual bullying. Friday prayers and the regime Majlis (parliament) were the usual scenes of this reaction. But the curtains were gradually pulled and the fears appeared on the pages of newspapers and TV analysis.


The regional elimination of the IRGC

Despite the early analysis that the designation of the IRGC is an empty show and is only aimed at creating a psychological war or economic pressures the most, a piece published on Javan newspaper, affiliated to the IRGC revealed these fears.

“What we are witnessing is a smart and malign policy aimed at both increasing the country’s internal crisis and isolating the IRGC with various means, and step by step limiting the activities of the force on the regional stage,” Hadi Mohammadi, a local commander of the IRGC said.

Without acknowledging the early comments by people and media associated with his own hardline faction, Mohammadi lashed out against those naïve individuals who downplay the significance of the terrorist designation of the IRGC.  

“If some people inside the country out of naivety or even vindictiveness are playing the cards of the enemy and consider the US strategy against the IRGC as mere psychological warfare, are deceiving the elite in the country of the extent of US threats against us,” Hadi Mohammadi said without naming any specific targets.

“Considering the IRGC as a terrorist entity is part of a chain action after listing the Lebanese Hezbollah, or Iraqi groups and Yemen Ansar group as terrorists during past few months. This has also been parallel to forcing the FATF and other US measures in their war with us,” Javan daily affiliated to the IRGC reported on April 15.


Reviving sanctions against Iran

Javan also on April 15 pointed out the noose of multiple crises tightening around the regime’s neck.

“Today’s perception of the West's controversial posturing focused on targets such as accusations that ‘Iran is violating the JCPOA’ and ‘the six previous resolutions coupled with sanctions against Iran, is vitalized through trigger mechanism”, and meanwhile we would continue to witness the continuation of the same position from the west,” Javan daily wrote.


IRGC designation, calamities for the regime

Diaco Hosseini, a senior expert working at the center for strategic studies in Iran associated with the Expediency Council acknowledged that the goal of the US administration in this designation is to put maximum pressure on Iran regime.

“White House reason for this designation is to put maximum political, economic and regional pressure on Tehran forcing it to agree to a unilateral negotiation with the US,” said Hosseini.

Hosseini also insisted on the grave repercussion the IRGC FTO designation could have for Iran and voiced concern about the curbing effect it will have for the regime’s malign activities in the region. 

“The US administration move is not the final enmity toward Iran, but it is the beginning plot and preparation for pressuring countries that the IRGC has boots or services or economic assets in them. The first step would be Iraq and then comes Syria and Yemen,” he said.

According to Entekhab website associated to the so-called moderate faction citing ABC News, the aim of the terrorist designation of the IRGC is to allow the US to use military force against Iran claiming that Iran was involved in the September 11 attacks.  


Iran regime’s strategy in the region is dealt a blow

The media of both factions in Iran express concern that the clerical regime’s meddling in the region would be dealt a hard blow with the designation of IRGC.

The fact of the matter is that the instrument of terrorism and regional meddling has been the most important pillar of the very existence of the regime during the past 4 decades. The price of this destructive policy for people of Iran has been an economic crisis, poverty and repression, and terrorism for the region.


Rebellious people of Iran await a chance

With shutting down the regime’s ability to export terrorism and fundamentalism to the region and beyond, the rebellious people of Iran would rise up to confront the regime and its IRGC repressive force. No wonder that senior commanders of the IRGC and some regime-affiliated experts are concerned from internal pressures and external isolation of the whole apparatus and are afraid that countries, where IRGC is active, would be pressured to cut the head of the snake.


A severe blow to the regime’s failing economy

Currently, some 65% of Iran’s economy is being controlled by IRGC and other institutions related to it including Beit-Khamenei (Supreme Leader’s properties). The IRGC has a close business relation with many governmental agencies and associations. Many major economic and infrastructural projects are being controlled by the IRGC.

CNBC television reported back in 2010 that the IRGC is controlling about 68 % of Iran’s exports because the IRGC is an important player in Iran’s economy.

Therefore, a strike at the IRGC such as the terrorist designation of the force would be a strategic blow to the entire regime apparatus and would tilt the internal, regional and international balance of power in the favor of the people against a vulnerable regime with its tentacles cut and ripe to be toppled via a major uprising.