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The abysmal state of Iran's health care system

The sign reads: "What we want is medicine to stay alive, nothing more"
The sign reads: "What we want is medicine to stay alive, nothing more"

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 25, 2019 - Under the tyrannical rule of the mullahs, economic pressure has affected every aspect of the lives of the Iranian people, including health care.

In addition to the costs of livelihood, the costs of hygiene, medicine and health care for the Iranian people are rising on a daily basis.

The rising cost of medical treatment has caused the people to pay fewer visits to the doctor and avoid going to the hospital.

On Sunday, the state-run Arman newspaper quoted Iran's Deputy Health Minister as saying, "There's a concern that this year, the people will pay fewer visits to medical and health centers due to economic pressure and the rising costs of things such as food items..."


Rising costs of medical treatment

Six years ago, Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, then-health minister in the cabinet of regime president Hassan Rouhani, confessed, "Every year, the knee-bending costs of medical treatment push 7% of the country's population under the line of poverty."

Six years later, this figure has increased due to the deplorable economic situation that the Iranian people face.

Iraj Harirchi, the Deputy Health Minister said, "The people are making fewer visits to health centers due to economic pressure and the costs of living. This can have severe repercussions for society and increase the costs of the health system."

According to this regime official, the costs of medical treatment has caused so much despair that the Iranian people are resorting to "self-treatment."


What the people are saying

Aftab-e Yazd, another state-run publication, interviewed two people on the health care situation: "Mehdi, 35, works at a computer service company and has recently become a father. We asked him how often he goes to the doctor, and he said, 'I only go to the doctor when I am severely ill. With all the costs that I have to pay, and given that my child is just born, I don't have the means to go to the doctor whenever I'm sick! In fact, I only go to the doctor when I'm dying. I try my best to use traditional methods to cure myself because the cost of medicine has become so high that in many cases, I can't even buy medication!'

"Sara Zani, graduate and employed says, 'I don't go to the doctor unless it's a real emergency! My monthly salary is 15 million rials and with this pay, the most I can do is pay for my food, transportation, and housing. After paying for all that, nothing remains to pay for health care. If I catch a cold, I will have to go to the pharmacy and buy anti-flu pills.'"


The costs of training doctors

On the costs of training medical school students to become general practitioners, the state-run news website Khabar Online writes, "Every medical school student, until they reach general practitioner status, cost the government 10 billion rials. Given that every medical school needs to be located next to a hospital, have a proper laboratory, and other such requirements, it's fair to say that in fact, training physicians cost the country much more than 10 billion rials."


Unemployment of doctors

In 2017, Khaney-e Melat, the news agency of the regime's parliament, quoted Behrouz Bonyadi, member of the parliament's Health and Hygiene Commission, as saying, "Presently, there are 40,000 general practitioners who are either unemployed or doing other jobs. Many of the hospitals need GPs in their emergency sections."

The Iranian regime is plundering and squandering the wealth and assets of the Iranian people for its own evil goals. In this corrupt regime, even the basic health care and medical treatment needs of the people have become the victim of the destructive policies of the ruling mullahs.

The ruling mullahs, who are building hospitals in neighboring countries to pave the way for their terrorist agendas, aren't doing anything to fulfill the needs of their own people, who are now forced to only go to the doctor when they're dying.



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