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Rouhani: U.S. pressure on Iran is unprecedented

Mullahs' regime President Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet
Mullahs' regime President Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 13, 2019In a meeting with his cabinet, Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani described the pressure of U.S. sanctions on the mullahs’ apparatus as unprecedented and historic. While framing his regime as “the Iranian people,” Rouhani said, “America has imposed unprecedented sanctions and pressure on the Iranian people within the last year. These pressures are incomparable to the pressures forced through the U.N and under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter against any other country."


Hence, Rouhani went on to actually claim that from now on pressures will have no impact and “the country's economic situation moves toward better conditions.”


“The U.S.’ pressure capacity has reached its limit. They’ve put maximum pressure on Iran and from now on this pressure loses its effectiveness, resulting in its collapses. The economy moves toward better conditions. The stock market is in better circumstances in comparison with the last months,” he said.   


While referring to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Tehran, Rouhani claimed that when a high ranking official comes to Iran, hears the same words and position from Rouhani and Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, “all government officials share a united opinion. This means that if a senior official comes to our country, they hear the same words, whether speaking with the foreign minister, the president or the Supreme Leader. We share the same opinions, same road, and words."


Rouhani also claimed that the U.S. position about the regime has been moderated and assured that he will finally “bring the U.S. to the negotiation table.”

“We will force them to come to justice and righteousness, to negotiate, to be reasonable, admit and accept their mistake for taking a wrong path. They should, however, take back the wrong things they said, they’ve become much more moderate and they will continue to know they weren’t on the right path,” he added.


Rouhani claimed that German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass praised his regime’s policy about the nuclear deal by calling it “reasonable, lawful and wonderful” and described U.S. policy of maximum pressure on Iran “wrong and ineffective.”