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Romanian MPs condemn Iranian regime terror plot in Europe

Romanian MPs issue statement condemning Tehran’s recent terror plot in Belgium
Romanian MPs issue statement condemning Tehran’s recent terror plot in Belgium

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


July 7, 2018 - Romanian Parliamentarians for a Free Iran issued a statement condemning the Iranian regime’s state-sponsored terrorism and organized crime in the heart of Europe. A firm position must be adopted by the European Union against the Iranian regime, the text demands.

The statement reads in part:

“Reports from numerous sources have been published regarding the terrorist plot targeting the National Council of Resistance of Iran convention in Paris indicating an Iranian regime diplomat working in their embassy in Austria by the name of Asdollah Assadi was the mastermind behind this terror attack. The European Union has more than anywhere across the globe suffered from these atrocities.

“In the last decade of the 20th century a wave of assassinations and terror bombings against the mullahs’ political dissidents in Europe increased to such an extent that, in protest, the European Union expelled all of the Iranian regime’s ambassadors and recalled its ambassadors from Iran. This serious and firm measure forced the Iranian regime’s to pledge to the Europeans such measures will never be repeated on European soil. Receiving this pledge the European Union reestablished its diplomatic relations with the Iranian regime. However, Tehran’s policy in regards to exporting and supporting terrorism has not changed and will continue as long as this regime is in power.

“The recent terror plot in Paris, with 500 grams of explosives, is a new and unprecedented lever of state-sponsored terrorism.

“The Romanian Parliamentarian Committee for a Free Iran condemns this organized crime against humanity in the heart of Europe and in a rally consisting of international dignitaries from five continents of the globe and tens of thousands of other participants. This Committee calls on the international community, especially the European Union, to carry out the necessary investigation into those operatives involved in this criminal plot and take the necessary punishing measures.”

The European committee “In Search of Justice,” with over 4,000 MPs, and the Italian Committee of MPs and Citizens also issued statements condemning this fortunately foiled a terrorist plot.

What has taken place, alongside continuously terror threats by Iranian regime agents against the sites of People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) members in Albania – announced time and again by this organization – once again shows the necessity and urgency of a dire European policy change in reference to Iran.