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Rocket lands in Baghdad’s Green Zone near the U.S. Embassy

Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone (File Photo)
Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone (File Photo)

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iraq, May 20, 2019 - A rocket was fired at Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone landing near the U.S. Embassy, leading to no casualties, according to Reuters citing Iraqi military sources. A Katyusha rocket hit the Green Zone center, according to an Iraqi military statement, adding more details will follow.

The Associated Press reported an Iraqi military official has told this news agency that a Katyusha rocket landed less than a mile from the U.S. Embassy. It is believed that the rocket was fired from a residential area in eastern Baghdad, home to Iran-backed militia groups, the military official added.

A number of mortars or Katyusha rockets hit an area close to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone, according to Iran’s state-run Fars news agency, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

This attack took place two days after Iran-backed militia groups issued a joint statement saying foreign interests in Iraq will be attacked, according to Sunday Express. This is the first such attack from 2015 to this day, according to a Washington Post reporter.

This attack follows an increase in regional tension and after the U.S. ordered its non-essential staff of the embassy out of Iraq, according to Al Arabiya TV.

Following the attack on Baghdad’s Green Zone, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted:

“If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!”

Covering the U.S. President’s tweet, Reuters reported: As tensions rise between the two countries, the U.S. President threatened the Iranian regime in his tweet and expressed concern over a possible U.S./Iran confrontation. Trump has stiffened economic sanctions against the regime in Iran, Reuters reported. His cabinet says they have increased America’s military presence in the region and accuse Tehran of threatening U.S. interests and forces, the report adds.

A CBS News correspondent reported at the U.S. State Department citing a State Dept. official saying if it is concluded that Iran-backed militias or elements of these forces carried out the attack on Baghdad’s Green Zone, we will hold the Iranian regime accountable and will act appropriately.

This U.S. State Dept. official said we are taking these developments very seriously, the CBS News correspondent added. During the past two weeks, we have made it clear that attacks against American citizens or facilities will not be tolerated and we will respond in firm fashion, the State Dept. official added.


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