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People's mistrust of Iran’s regime has dangerous consequences: state media

Tehran’s Sadeghiyeh metro station – Iran (File Photo)
Tehran’s Sadeghiyeh metro station – Iran (File Photo)

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 5, 2019 - As the social crisis escalates inside Iran, the Iranian regime feels the imminent danger of another uprising that can lead to its downfall.

The state-run newspaper Hamdeli wrote on Thursday, “The country is experiencing a dangerous situation, the complex of problems that are unfortunately increasing on daily basis, have caused the spread of mistrust and desperation among all segments of society. This could have dangerous consequences and impose great costs and threaten the interests of the state.”

“In the recent year, the people of Iran have gone through various miseries such as high prices, inflation, unemployment and etc. This situation has created general frustration and anger in society. People are incapable of fulfilling their minimum needs. This matter has such high importance that we can't even relate it to other things such as the U.S. sanctions,” the report added.  

Iranian regime officials have repeatedly tried to blame the country's economic woes on U.S. sanctions. But for the Iranian people, who have been experiencing the tyranny and corruption of the mullahs in the past 40 years, there's no question as to who is to blame for their daily miseries.




In popular protests that erupted in late 2017 and have continued to this day, the people have been constantly calling out the regime for its corruption. The people are regularly chanting slogans such as: "The enemy is right here, [the regime] is lying that it's the U.S."

They are also aware that the regime's costly terrorist ventures in neighboring countries are being paid out of their pockets and resources.

"Let go of Syria, think about us," the workers, teachers, truckers and other deprived segments of the society chant in their daily protests.