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People losing hope in the dictatorship ruling Iran

Popular protests and strikes throughout Iran
Popular protests and strikes throughout Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK



Iran, June 6, 2018 - Concerns among senior Iranian regime officials of “people losing hope in the state” has climaxed to such an extent, leading to interesting remarks from various sources:

- “The people are fed up”

- “We are facing an impasse and a crisis”

- “The state is facing a difficult road ahead”

- “The people will no longer tolerate seeing officials living like lords”


The ruling apparatus is extremely concerned over a new spark of protests, knowing the Dec/Jan nationwide protests can be repeated.

Abbas Abdi, a member of the Iranian regime’s so-called reformists faction, refers to the regime’s “crisis and impasse” and the people’s growing abhorrence.

“The society will not remain silent in the face of this impasse. It will react and un-forecasted results are very likely. If we don’t provide a solution, this will render a domino effect throughout the society,” he said to state media recently.

Ahmad Alamalhoda, the Friday prayer imam of Mashhad and representative of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in this city, also warned the regime’s officials in this regard.

“Don’t do anything resulting in people – who have lost their patience – to rise against the state,” he said on June 1st.

Alamalhoda further cautioned officials to refrain from any action rendering popular revolts, especially through protests and strikes.

Prior to Tehran’s Friday prayers, Mahdi Mandegari added his voice to regrets on this subject.

“Unfortunately, our officials are talking of political, economic and cultural impasses,” he said.

These remarks shed light on an undeniable reality that the mullahs’ regime, engulfed in numerous domestic and global dilemmas and crises, has no solution for the status quo.

Back in March, prior to the new Iranian calendar year, many state-media outlets were predicting how the year ahead will be very difficult for the regime. This assessment was based on the fact that this year will provide further dilemmas and continuous crises, and popular protests show no sign of coming to an end.

Just three months down the road we are currently witnessing numerous international challenges arising and the Iranian people’s hatred of this regime growing like never before.

Iran is described as a powder keg waiting for a simple spark. The resulting uprising will be far beyond what we witnessed in the Dec/Jan episode.

Also certain is the fact that the Iranian regime delivered no solution to overcome these current conditions. This in itself, meaning having no solutions to today’s increasing dilemmas, is the ultimate crisis facing Iran’s ruling mullahs.

The Iranian regime has throughout the years continuously resorted to ramping up its domestic crackdown machine. This year, however, we are witnessing people overcoming their fears and the international community taking action to weaken Tehran in this regard.


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