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Nizar Zakka: I was kidnapped by the Iranian regime

Lebanese businessman Nizar Zakka after release from Tehran’s Evin Prison
Lebanese businessman Nizar Zakka after release from Tehran’s Evin Prison

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 14, 2019 - Hours after release from Iran’s notorious Evin Prison and arriving in Beirut, Lebanese businessman Nizar Zakka said he was kidnapped by the rogue Iranian regime and that his trial was sham. 
The White House spokesperson welcomed Zakka’s release saying the main issue is to try to win the release and the freedom of many other foreign national who are incarcerated in Iran. 
The mullahs’ regime on Tuesday released the Lebanese man detained in 2015 amid soaring tensions between Tehran and Washington.
Nizar Zakka, 50, was arrested in September 2015 during a visit to Iran, where he was convicted the following July. The Iranian regime released him from prison under pressure from the U.S. and in response to a call by Lebanese President Michel Aoun.
Zakka is the head of The Arab ICT Organization, a non-profit advocating the growth and development of information and communications technology in the Middle East.
Zakka dismissed the case against him saying, “There was no espionage,” and accusing Tehran of “kidnapping him” on false charges and staging a “mock trial.”
The U.S. State Department had also called for Zakka to be freed, saying he was unjustly held. Following his arrival in Beirut, the U.S. applauded Zakka’s release as a “great day” for him and his family.
“It is without a doubt a great day for Mr. Zakka, his family, and all those who have supported him during his unlawful imprisonment,” a State Department spokeswoman said.
The decision to release him comes amid a stand-off that has been simmering since the United States last year withdrew from the 2015 nuclear treaty which Iran reached with major world powers.
Washington and Riyadh have accused Tehran of being behind those attacks, a charge the mullahs’ regime has dismissed as “laughable.”



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