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French prominent jurist voices concern over Ashraf siege


Gilles Paruelle
Gilles Paruelle
Gilles Paruelle, jurist and former President of the Val d’Oise Province Bar Association in France, and Head of the Committee for Defense of Democracy in Iran, in a message addressed to the Ashraf residents, said: “Ashraf has taken up a serious fraction of the Iranian regime’s foreign policy, since it symbolizes the resistance of the Iranian people. That is why the Iranian government is attempting to close down Camp Ashraf. Today, we are concerned because the Iraqi security forces are present all around Camp Ashraf.
I say to my friends in Ashraf, who will always have a special place in my heart: A day does not pass that I do not think of you and your struggle. In winter’s cold, in the summer’s heat, the problems they are facing which I’m aware of, regarding their medical needs, providing food supplies, I know their struggle is facing a lot of problems, a struggle that has been ongoing for 30 years. We are here to help them. We must know that it is impossible for such a resistance to one day not embrace freedom.”