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Widespread uprising of Iranians against clerical d

PMOI supporters call for July 9 protests


July 9th demonstrations at various points in Tehran - file photo
July 9th demonstrations at various points in Tehran - file photo
NCRI, 07 July 2010- A group of youths, athletes and families of slain members and supporters of the main opposition, People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), in the provinces of Khuzestan and Boushehr have joined workers and fishermen supporting the PMOI in Boushehr to release statements supporting the organization’s call to commemorate the July 9 student-led uprising in 1999.
The statements read in part: “On the anniversary of July 9, while honoring the memory of all the martyrs of the path of uprising and freedom, subsequent to the call by the PMOI, we invite all Iranians to rise up against the hated religious tyranny and continue the just uprising of the people by chanting ‘long live freedom’ and ‘down with the principle of absolute clerical rule (velayat-e faqih).’”
Separately, youths and supporters of the PMOI in Ahvaz have distributed leaflets in various parts of the city calling on people and other youths to participate in protests for the July 9 anniversary. They also distributed and posted leaflets on walls in support of the large gathering of Iranian Resistance supporters in Taverny which took place on June 26.