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Widespread uprising of Iranians against clerical d

Authorities make arrests in Tehran


Iran Focus, Tehran, 10 June 2010– Mehdi Farahi Shandiz, a political activist, was taken to a detention facility from Tehran’s Revolutionary Court where he had gone to pick up his personal belongings on 9 June.
Farahi Sandiz, who is an engineer, had initially gone to Evin Prison to collect his national identity card, birth certificate, passport, laptop computer and mobile phone, which had been seized when he was previously arrested on 1 May.
He was told that he should go the Revolutionary Court to collect them.
Officials at the court refused to give him his belongings and he chanted slogans against the regime, which led to his arrest. A group of workers have called for a protest on Saturday outside the Labour Ministry to denounce his arrest.
In a separate incident, at 9:00 am on Wednesday security forces raided the home of Saeed Torabian, a member of the governing board of Tehran’s Public Transport syndicate. After searching his home, they arrested Torabian, confiscating his laptop. He was taken to an unknown location. His family has no knowledge of his whereabouts.


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