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Macron persuaded Trump to keep troops in Syria


French President Emmanuel Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron

Orient Net, April 16, 2018-- French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday (April 15) said he had convinced US President Donald Trump to maintain troops in Syria, as he accused Russia of standing by regime chemical attacks, according to Reuters.

Macron said he had persuaded Trump not to pull out of Syria in telephone calls before the Saturday (April 14) air strikes.

“Those three strikes which are one element and for me that’s not the most important thing which is happening in Syria - we convinced him that we needed to remain in the long term,” he said speaking in an interview broadcast by BFM TV.

Macron said he had told Russian Vladimir Putin Russia that Russia had been complicit in the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

“They didn’t use chlorine themselves, but they have methodically built up the international community’s incapacity, through the diplomatic route, from preventing the use of chemical weapons,” he added.

Macron also confirmed that the operation to target Assad regimes chemical weapons installations, in response to Assad April 7 attack on the then opposition-held city of Douma, was legitimate and within the international community framework.


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