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Iran: Khamenei at a Two-Way Juncture, Survival or Demise


English News
English News

11 April 2018-- The crisis at the top of the Iranian regime escalated to an unprecedented level following Ahmadinejad’s recent confrontation with the regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei.

The website belonging to the former Iranian president, Ahmadinejad, issued a letter on Thursday, April 5, 2018, with 300 signatures to Khamenei in this regard. Basijis (state militias and mobilization forces) signed the letter in the universities and seminaries calling for major reform regarding macro status of the regime.

The letter, which above all reflects the final phase of the regime’s overthrow and objective revolutionary conditions and the split at the top of the regime, states the following:

- We entered the fortieth years the Islamic Republic of Iran of in the circumstances where the concerns about the country's future and the breakdown between the people and the government have reached their highest level in the last four decades, and our foundations and interdependency have become weaker and thinner.

- The popular protests in 2018 sounded the horrific alarm of the collapse of Iran’s society.

- People feel the government is not on their side but on the opposite side.

- Members of our parliament are mostly low and inefficient people who have come to the parliament by spending billions of Toman.

- Our judiciary has become a center of impunity oppression and extortion against the people.

- Our Guardian Council has become an obstacle to choosing qualified people.

- The Assembly of Experts and Friday Imams, their physical and intellectual conditions are such that their understanding of issues is below the level of public perception of society and the raw and weird positions of some of them are quoted in circles every week.

- The IRIB networks and numerous other costly and expensive media have become the tool to frighten people and cover the realities and (legitimate) demands of people and serious issues of the society.

- The Basij has undergone transmutation and no longer has the possibility to play a role.

- The supremacy of the ruling clique discourse has led to the rejection of independent thoughts with various labels.

- Not only reducing the disappointment to economic problems, or handling the problems by limiting social networks in cyberspace, or strengthening the police and security atmosphere, or by depositing a small amount of money to the account of a segment of the population, is not the solution, but will have a reverse effect.

- It seems that 2018 is an important and decisive year for our forty-year-old revolution.

In the letter, the Basijis tease the Khamenei here and there, including saying: “We must not mistake creating and boost real social hope with verbal hopes. The wrong approach of the official discourse of the country to create hope and the covering up the underlying problems and false tendencies of the existing sovereignty has failed to reverse the path of reform. It is the main factor behind the obstacles and the recession that has dominated the country.”

“This is an absolutely unacceptable situation, a descending trend, and the rapid pace of moving away from the Islamic Revolution. The foreign policy apparatus is wandering between nuclear deal (JCPOA) submissiveness and regional domination and even undermined the country's independence.”

The Basijis letter goes on to taunt the regime's leader and adds: “The formation of the syndicates and any popular organization is prevented. Our universities and seminaries have now turned into center of depression and soullessness.

They not only do not foment the springs of thought and evolution, but turn them off. In such a situation, the first way is to officially recognize this reverse state of affairs in the year 2018 and to formally turn the country into a closed ring of a few people, which is to mature the existing anti-people approach and worsening the current situation. The second way is the beginning of the fundamental and revolutionary reform in 2018.

At the end of this letter, the Basijis demanded “Ahmadinejad's return to power for major reforms” and wrote “otherwise, in this important crossroad that the system (regime) is facing today, the stability of the country will collapse in the interest of domestic and foreign enemies.” This letter clearly illustrates the highly critical situation of the clerical regime at its downfall.