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Tehran; Engineers Protest In front of Iranian Majles (Iranian Parliament)


English News
English News

April 10, 2018 - A group of engineers protest on Monday April 9, 2018 against the new directive of the Ministry of Roads & Urban Development in front of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament) building in Tehran and demanded that they investigate this matter.

The protesting engineers wrote on placards and banners that the affluent minister does not understand the concern of the personnel of the engineering organization.

It is necessary to explain that in the final days of the Iranian new year, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Abbas Akhundi sent a letter to governors on the recognition of the right of choice of landowners to appoint construction inspectors, which led to many objections and protests.

According to experts, the implementation of this directive will depend on the owner’s payment, which will reduce the quality of construction. Because, the owner seeks to follow an inspector that is in line with his own views.

Mohammad Farahmandnia, vice chairman of the Golestan Building Engineering System, said: “When the engineering tasks are limited, many employees will be fired, which is not something that the relevant minister cares about”.

By implementing this directive, about 100 employees of the Golestan Building Engineering System will lose their jobs, and at least 300 people, including the families of these personnel, will be affected.