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Iran: Isfahan farmers continue their protest


English News
English News
Iran, April 7, 2018 – Farmers and their families in Isfahan protested on Saturday, April 7th as part of a continuous protest rally demanding their right to have a reasonable share of irrigation and agricultural water from the only river in the city.
The protest was faced with harsh and brutal attack of the government suppressive agents trying to disperse the rally. But the protesters resisted and stood up to the security forces.
This attack resulted in a number of arrests and injuries.
Zayandeh-rood River that runs through Isfahan and dozens of neighboring towns and villages is the only source of agricultural water in this area. This river has dried up in recent years due to the existence of a hydro-electric dam and administrative corruption and mismanagement that redirects the leftover water that comes out of the dam to lands belonging to some elite and government affiliated individuals leaving nearly nothing for the deprived farmers.