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Strike In Iran's Major Sugar Cane Company & Shopkeepers, Porters In Border Towns


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English News

Iran Uprising – No. 129


During April 3-5, in addition to the demonstrations in Ahvaz, workers and other deprived people in various cities continued their anti-government protests and demonstrations:

The workers of various parts of the Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Complex continued their protest by stopping working. They announced that they would continue their strike until the release of detained workers and the abolition of the firing orders of a number of workers. The gathering was attacked by law the police and a number of other workers were arrested. In the past days, intelligence agents arrested a number of workers on the rally, and a number were arrested in a raid on their homes following a summons from the mullahs’ judiciary. The regime's corrupt judiciary, in collusion with the Ministry of Intelligence and Government officials under the guise of private plaintiffs, has tried the workers and put them behind bars.

- Marketers and shopkeepers in the border towns of Kurdistan and West Azerbaijan refused to open their stores on Wednesday for a second day in protest of the closure of porter routes and multiplying their rental rates.

On Tuesday, the strike was held in the cities of Javanrud, Saqqez, Baneh, Marivan, Sardasht and Sanandaj. The people, shopkeepers and porters of Javanrud protested in front of the governorate against the closure of border passes, which is the only facility for the deprived people of the region to make living. In Saqqez, a large number of shopkeepers from the Almas Passage and shopping malls around the bazaar and the fabric market went on strike to open border passes. In Marivan, shopkeepers at the Khorshid Passage in Zarivar went on strike and staged a gathering in protest at an increase of 15% in their rentals.

- On Tuesday, Iran Cylinder workers gathered in Shahr-e Ray staged a gathering against the governorate in protest of their dismissal.

- On the same day, in a shocking event, one of the workers of the Behshahr Company on the old road of Karaj, set fire to several cars in protest of his dismissal and committed suicide by going to the sixth floor of the building.

- Workers at the Sirjan Ferico factory, who have been on strike in protest during the past four months at nonpayment of salaries and benefits for several months, once again protested for failing to execute deceptive promises of factory management.

- 120 fired workers at Saveh's Insulator Company gathered in front of the governorate in the city, calling for a return to work.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 5, 2018



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