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US setting up new military bases in north Syria


English News
English News

 Orient Net, 3 April 2018-- The US is setting up two bases in Syria’s northern Manbij city, currently controlled by US-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), according to Anadolu Agency and a social media video.



According to Anadolu Agency, the US is extending an observatory in Dadat village, northern Manbij, in order to build a base, located eight kilometers (4.9 miles) from Sajur River, which forms the frontline between Jarabulus, the Euphrates Shield area, and Manbij, where Construction materials and heavy equipments have already been transported to southeast of the village; while the other base is being built four km (2.4 mi) from the frontline, south of Dadat.
On the other hand, a social media video showed US military build up in the suburbs of Manbij.

According to local sources, US forces has recently spread patrols on the area separating the YPG-held areas on the Sajour river from "Euphrates Sheild’ areas.