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Iran: continued protest by residents of Khuzestan for the seven consecutive day+ VIDEO


English News
English News

Iran, April 3, 2018 – On Tuesday night, April 3rd, hundreds of residents of Ahwaz went to the streets of the city for the seventh day and night to protest the clerical regime's degrading policies and insulting Ahwazi-Arab citizens.




Demonstrators in Ahwaz set fire to a car belonging to Basij militias and plainclothes agents. The car's occupants were secretly taking pictures of the demonstrators for a later raid on their houses and their ultimate arrest and imprisonment.




Residents of Alavi Street in Ahwaz also demonstrated on Tuesday night. According to the reports, intelligence agents and security forces fired live rounds at the protesters in Alavi street. But according to a source, one of the agents was disarmed by the protesters.
Also on the same Tuesday night, other Arab-Iranians in Hmidiah district joined the demonstration chanting anti-government slogans.



AHVAZ, Iran, Apr. 3, Thousands Demonstrate and Clash With Repressive Forces from NCRI on Vimeo.




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