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Iran: Night demonstration by Iranian-Arabs in Abadan, Mahshahr and Ahwaz against the clerical regime


English News
English News

Iran, March 30, 2018 – Youth in Mahshahr, southern Iran, demonstrated against the vicious oppression, schism and discrimination against Iranian-Arabs by the mullahs' regime.




In Abadan, southeastern Iran, residents and particularly the youth demonstrated during last night opposing the discriminatory policies of the mullahs who have been insulting Iranian-Arabs in the southern Iranian cities.




And on Friday, March 30th, Iranian-Arabs, residents of Kut-Abdullah in the southern part of the country, protested and clashed with the security forces as the night fell. They stood their ground and continued to rally despite the darkness of night.

Hamidiah and Shaiban district of Ahwaz also was the scene of the demonstration by the Iranian-Arabs.