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Iran: Ahvazi Residents Demonstrate in Protest to Iran Regime's Insulting Fellow Arab Countrymen


English News
English News

On Thursday, March 29th, thousands of Ahvaz residents rallied in protest against the insult of the ruling religious fascism television against fellow Arab countrymen, and chanted slogans against the mullahs’ regime’s brutal suppression and discrimination against the people of Ahvaz and Khuzestan. Yesterday, a large crowd of Ahvaz residents protested outside the state radio and television center.




In fear of spreading the protests, the mullahs’ regime sent Ali Sari, a member of the regime's parliament, to the scene to calm the people and speak to them. But the protesters booed and pushed him out of the scene.




The repressive forces attacked the people by shooting, throwing tear gas and with batons. The calsh between the people and repressive forces continued for long on the nearby streets. A number of protesters were arrested.

Iranian Resistance calls on the people of Khuzestan to show their solidarity and support for the demonstrators, and calls on the international human rights organizations to condemn the policy of suppression and discrimination of the medieval regime ruling Iran, and to take action for the immediate release of the arrested people.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 29, 2018


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