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US-led coalition targets pro-regime militia in Deir Ezzor


English News
English News

Orient Net, March 28, 2018 - The Euphrates Post network published a video documenting how the US-led coalition targeted a checkpoint for a pro-regime militia on the Euphrates’ west bank in Deir Ezzor countryside.

The video shows how smoke rises from the targeted site, and the photographer voice confirming it resulted from an airstrike by referring to the heavy overflow of US-led aircraft in the area.

The media activist, Suhaib Al-Jaber, in turn, told Orient News that US-led strikes targeted positions of the pro-regime  “National Defense” militia, confirming that more than 5 strikes targeted their positions in Al-Miadeen, Al-Qouriyah, and Al-Ashara, with no reports of casualties or losses.

Five explosions rocked Eastern Deir Ezzor countryside and the Euphrates’ southern bank; while Al-Jaber referred that the situation is tense in the area after the US-backed SDF detained several regime militiamen in SDF-controlled areas.


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