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Statement by the Spokesperson on the firing of missiles against Saudi Arabia


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English News


Statements by the Spokesperson

Bruxelles, 27/03/2018 -- The simultaneous launch of several missiles by Houthi on Sunday night to various targets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including Riyadh airport, is unprecedented in the conflict so far.
It represents yet another provocative act which contradicts the international community's calls for a peaceful, negotiated and inclusive solution to the Yemeni crisis.
As the war in Yemen enters its fourth year and with the arrival of the newly appointed UN Special Envoy to Sanaa, those who are working towards a political settlement to this conflict should not be deterred by these acts.
Military escalation will only lead to further suffering of the Yemeni population and spread instability in the region.
The EU reiterates its firm stand behind UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths and his team. We will continue to offer unconditional support to his work, including through the pursuit of its engagement with all the parties to the conflict with a view to an urgent resumption of political negotiations. In parallel we will continue our action towards alleviating the plight of the Yemeni population.