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Iran: Death of a prisoner under torture by regime agents at the Sheiban prison in Ahwaz


English News
English News

Iran, Ahwaz, March, 27, 2018 - Ali Savari, a prisoner at the Sheiban Prison in the city of Ahwaz (south west of Iran), was reportedly killed under brutal torture by Hamidian, one of the torturers of this prison, on Monday March 26, 2018.

Relatives of Ali Savari say that he had been viciously tortured and signs of torture were evident throughout his head and body.

Ali Savari was 50 years old, and was in custody since 4 years ago. There is no additional information regarding him and the reasons for his arrest.

Hamidian is one of the torturers of the Karoon prison, who was transferred to the Sheiban prison after the closure of the former. He is notorious for his savage torture methods against prisoners.