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10 killed from Russian bombardment in Ghouta’s Douma


English News
English News

Orient Net,23 March 2018-- Russian aircraft, backing Assad regime’s assault to retake eastern Ghouta opposition enclave, targeted Douma city with 20 overnight strikes, loaded with inflammable napalm, killing at least 10 people.

Orient News correspondents reported Doma city under heavy bombardment after midnight (March 23), confirming that Russians used incendiary munitions, napalm and white phosphorus, as it caused widespread fired in civilians’ houses, killing at least 10 civilians.

Syria Civil Defense teams worked hard to put out tens of fires across Douma, yet they announced inability to reach some areas due to heavy shelling and reconnaissance aircraft overflow.

Douma is the main Ghouta pocket held by Army of Islam opposition faction, that said it is determined to fight on after a month-long regime offensive that has splattered the opposition enclave of eastern Ghouta into three pockets.


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