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Nowruz Celebration in Albania with Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Maryam Rajavi


Nowruz Celebration in Albania
Nowruz Celebration in Albania

March, 20, 2018 - Maryam Rajavi:  This year would be the year of commitment and responsibility and a year of full of hope and determination of the Iranian people and the Resistance.



As I said: This is the spring for Iran and there would not be any winter.
Hopefully we will celebrate the next New Year (Nowruz) in Iran in the presence of Massoud Rajavi


Maryam Rajavi thanked all the guessed, musicians, performers and the audience.
She said over 4 decade the PMOI has been in the forefront of the exposing the mullahs' dictatorship. People Iran through this uprising show the world and especially all those politicians who advocated appeasement with the mullahs that this tyrannical clerical regime's time is up and will undoubtedly go.



We are here because we believe that there is only one Iran. The truth is not a letter to be written, but a quality that no one can change.
You are so proud of your history and so brave in front of dangers and bullets.

Pandeli Majko: You are now part of Albania. I know some time ago no one would believe that Albania would open its doors to all of you.
I will not be very official speaking with you, because I am your friend, and my wife and I consider Mrs. Rajavi our family.



Rudy Giuliani: Anywhere you need me, I am there. there is one place that I want to go and it will make me happier than being here with you, and that is Tehran.


The statement by president Trump on the occasion of Nowruz was read at the gathering by Rudy Giuliani.


An uprising is a desire of the people for freedom. same as any uprising, anywhere in the world. People want to have the freedom to chose their own religion. Women want to have their freedom. And look at the way your organization is operating with a woman as a leader. She is my champion.
I have a simple message for the regime: their future is in hell.

I just suggest to them that they step aside.

Rudy Giuliani: this is a very emotional moment for me to be here with you in Tirana.
I would like to express our gratitude to the government of Albania.



The current situation in Iran and the uprising is a challenging time for your brothers and sisters in Iran. And we lost many of your brothers and sisters in Iraq in camp Liberty and Ashraf.

The mullahs should rest assured that this uprising will continue for as long as it takes to topple them.

To the combatants present in this hall, your resistance has born fruit, and your decisive role has been proven. This year you must lake a stronger commitment in order to realize the regime's overthrow, which is freedom for our nation.

They are the sacrifice of the nation as it tries to gain its freedom, and we also hail the prisoners of the uprising and we tell them that your uprising has brought Iran closer to freedom.
Freedom is within reach, but can only be realized through our efforts. As Massoud has said, the basis for the victory is "Death to the basis of Velayat Fagih, long live the NLA.

For all the Iranian Resistance and its sympathizers across the world, this upcoming year will be a year of commitment to overthrow the Iranian regime. Congratulations to the members of NCRI,
My warmest congratulations to the young protestors in Iran. And congratulations and Happy New Year to Massoud Rajavi, the Leader of the Iranian Resistance.


Iran's uprising has brought the freshness of spring. Europe must leave its longtime policy of rapprochement with the regime.


When the people of Iran have the option of a free and democratic government, why should they be content with the inhuman regime? The clerical regime keeps its rule by keeping the Iranian children hungry, and by slaughtering the Syrian children.


All the factions of this regime including the moderates insist on the suppression of the uprising. They have repeatedly said that they are aboard a ship that if punctured by the uprising, will make them all drown.


The situation will never go back to before the uprising started. The Iranian people are determined to topple the religious dictatorship and bring freedom to Iran.


This uprising showed us how to attain our freedom with our own hands, that is why it is new and it cannot be stopped by fundamentalism. this is the great reality that has imposed itself on the regime, and the supreme leader confessed that the uprising was organized by the PMOI.
He does not know that the time to keep this rotten regime alive is long past and this fundamental regime must go!


The leader of the Resistance, Massoud Rajavi was correct to say that Ashraf has multiplied throughout Iran.
How is this year's uprising different than previous years? The Resistance has found the solution to the uprising and the regime has no way to counter it.  


 Nature's spring follows winter, but the spring of freedom does not come without much sacrifice. It will not happen until it is well organized and united.
1000 centers of rebellion manifested themselves in this spring.


In the face of such brutal oppression, and so much demonization against the resistance, how did all this youth come to support the Iranian resistance? How did this miracle happen?
Yes, this is a miracle. Born out of perseverance and the heavy price that was paid to keep the flag of resistance flying.


 Mrs. Rajavi: Iran's society was characterized by uprising throughout last year, and Rohani's election was proven to be a sham.
In the wake of the Kermanshah earthquake, the people's rage erupted. The coming year can and will be turned into a year of uprising, and this will be an uprising until victory.


Mrs. Rajavi: The PMOI combatants will eventually bring freedom to Iran. We are delighted to be joined today by our long time friend of our difficult times, Rudi Giuliani
Mrs. Rajavi: from the very beginning, Giuliani, opposed the terrorist listing of the PMOI.






March 20, 2018 - Mrs. Rajavi begins her New Year Speech in the PMOI auditorium, in front of attending PMOI members and accompanied with Rudi Giuliani, former mayor of NY.

Mayor Rudy Juliani and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president elect of the Iranian Resistance entered the PMOI's  large auditorium in Albania.
The Nowruz celebration for the Iranian New Year 1397 has started with former NY mayor Rudy Juliani and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi


Rudy Giuliani visits a symbolic memorial exhibition made for the martyrs of the Iranian resistance. 120 thousand martyrs of the Iranian resistance.
Mrs Rajavi introduces Rudy Giuliani to the large PMOI crowd attending the ceremony, as the great friend of the Iranian resistance and offers him a medallion on behalf of the Iranian resistance.
Rudy Giuliani said: "The first thing I did when my plane landed was to come and visit you."