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Iran: Youth and activists clashed with suppressive agents setting their bike on fire


English News
English News

Iran, Bukan, March 18, 2018 – According to an eyewitness report, brave youth of Bukan, western Iran, clashed with the Suppressive State Security Forces (SSF) on Sunday March 18, as they tried to go to the city's football stadium to watch a game between the local "Sardar" team and "Shahrdari" of Bandar-Abbas.




The clash erupted after the SSF prevented some of the youth to enter the stadium by firing tear gas at the crowd. The clashes and the tear gas caused injuries to dozens of spectators.
Following this skirmishes, some of the angry youth set alight a motorcycle belonging to the SSF while causing damages to two other SSF motor vehicles. The damages to those vehicles said to be extensive rendering the cars inoperative.



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