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Iranian National Fire Festival against Mullahs


English News
English News
The Iranian New Year begins on 21st of March and is called ‘Eid Nowruz” and it has been celebrated from ancient by all Iranians. Iranian people celebrate the evening of the last Tuesday called “Charshanbeh sury” where family members gather together and jump over the fire, wishing peace, happiness, health and good luck for each other during the coming New Year.
Since 1979, when the mullahs came to power, they have opposed to this national festival and tried to prevent celebrating it by the people, especially by the youth. However, what has made this festival so special this year is the nationwide uprising of the people that started since the beginning of the year and will continue incessantly. Therefore, this festival will be a turning point for the uprising against the mullahs and an opportunity for the people to spread it.
So, as we get closer to Charshanbeh sury, the more fearful reaction and propaganda against it by the mullahs.Tehran Police Chief General Rahimi said that all police forces will be in 100% alert from 2 pm on Tuesday, threatening the public and the youth to prevent the "gathering of people and youth" for National Fire Festival. Of course, the regime's officials, including this police chief, were forced to retreat because of the January 2018 uprising and, contrary to the previous years, who called the “Charshanbe sury” as a tradition of fire worshiping and ignorance, said that this year they will not prevent holding this national celebration and the people's happiness! But he finally revealed his main concern as "maintaining order and security," and threatened to arrest the people.
This year, however, the regime’s situation will be severely worse and there will be a different “Charshanbe sury”, because this year, the flames of this fest will flare up in the current great uprising of the Iranian people.
"The January uprising was a small avalanche, we should expect bigger avalanches," an Iranian government expert said. One of these bigger avalanches can be “Charshanbe sury”, which is always a good field for the gathering of people and the youth, and has been used throughout Iran’s history for national solidarity and uprisings against the oppressors.
Yes, this year’s “Charshanbe sury” is an excellent opportunity for the Iranian youth and women to turn this ancient tradition into another uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime. In particular, we have witnessed that various walks of society such as students, marketers and workers in different cities have been prepared for this celebration. On the other hand, the regime also knows that the uprising is not going to fade away. That is why it is very worried about this celebration and has maintained its forces on alert. Nevertheless, the youth are on alert too to struggle with regime forces.
These days, the regime’s officials regularly talk about “toleration". This means nothing but a deadlock for it suppression. As far as the regime and its suppressive forces are concerned, they will do their best to suppress the slightest opposition. But when General Rahimi says: "We are not against the joy of youth and their celebration", it is an indication of the regime’s deadlock in suppression. The Iranian regime well knows that this year is much different from previous years. They are in the phase of “overthrow” now, and any suppression and shooting will face harsh reaction.
History tells us that the people will ultimately win their struggle against dictators and oppressors. In a near future, we shall witness the Iranian people’s victory over the mullahs.