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Expert: PMOI call for National Fire Festival sends a strong message to Ayatollahs


English News
English News

In an interview with an Egyptian analyst on Iran, Ms. Vela Abu-Satit, Al Ekhbaria TV discussed the PMOI call for an uprising during the National Fire Festival on March 13, 2018. She said, “While the Iranian regime is on the verge of collapse, this call is another unsolvable problem for the regime.
This uprising sends a strong message to the Ayatollahs who want to handle the situation using the armed forces to break the gatherings. This uprising is not tending to any factions of the regime, and notably, any simple protests have the potential to strike a widespread uprising- as we witnessed farmers gathered peacefully demanding their right to irrigation water, but not before long, the peaceful protest turned into an uprising. This protest was discussed in the parliament as a security problem. The fact is that the regime is really afraid of this situation.”
She added: “many Iranian officials have warned that the continuation of this trend and not trying to change the status quo will take the regime to its end point."
Comments by Khomeini’s grandson are proving new lights and new evidences. The regime falsely thinks that it can oppress the demonstrators, or its intervention in Syria can consolidate its power it inside Iran, giving it back the previous hegemony. But the current situation is just like Iran’s situation in the last days of Shah. People are raising. Furious youth are opposing this situation in Iran. Unemployment is surpassing more than 60 percent, and huge socio-economic crisis are still unsolved.”