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The world is witnessing the persistence of the Iranian people's uprising in the Fire Festival


English News
English News

By: Dowlat Nowrouzi

The Iranian people's uprising is the beginning of the final phase of the religious dictatorship
During the final days of 2017, the international community surprisingly witnessed widespread uprisings, demonstrations and public protests by the Iranian people from all facets of the Iranian society. Hardship and pressure on the people was so high, that the fire that was hidden beneath the ash for so many year, erupted and spread out to more than 140 cities in Iran, from north to south and from east to west, and echoed the cries for the overthrow of the religious dictatorship as a whole. The Iranian people are fed up, and the activities and initiatives taken by a thousand centers of rebellion will not allow this uprising to relent.
Strong popular dissatisfaction, organized PMOI forces, and the NCRI alternative
In political circles, international public opinion, and in the pages of history, the Iranian people's outcries, protests and demands were registered. When people in all cities and demonstrations chanted unanimously "No to high cost", "Death to the thieves", "Death to Khamenei and Rohani", "The fundamentalist-reformist game is over,"…. many world leaders and international observers grasped the change in the era. They understood perfectly that such scale of protests and uniform slogans in all corners of the country, is only possible through coordination and management done by a leading vanguard organizing force. But as many regime officials, and the supreme leader himself have confessed, this leading force is none other than the PMOI (MEK).
This organized movement is the result of sacrifices done by 120 thousand martyrs, who were among the bravest and most conscious sons and daughters of Iran. They constitute a generation, which, in the summer of 1988 alone, sacrificed more than 30 thousand PMOI political prisoners who were executed for not backing off from their belief in freedom and democracy.
Dog fight at the top is for power and wealth, not democracy
The Iranian regime has entered its final phase of overthrow, and the popular uprisings will certainly continue, because this regime has neither the capability nor the will to solve any of the crises plaguing the society. This so called "fire under the ashes", and socio-economic and political catastrophes have reached a level where various factions of the regime are fighting with one another, and each blames the other for the irresolvable problems facing the nation, and exposes the other faction's thefts and crimes in order to evade retribution.
The message of the youth on the verge of the Fire Festival
We can therefore deduce that this year's Fire Festival and New Year, will be very much different than all previous ones. This ancient Persian tradition that is always synonymous to purity, love, friendship, unity, prosperity and rise, is now intermixed with the society's explosive situation, in addition to the call by the PMOI's command network inside Iran, and the brave activities of 1000 centers of rebellion, and is bound to take popular defiance and uprising to new peaks. From widespread slogans of "death to Khamenei" on city walls and pavements, to installing posters in support of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, to using various innovative tactics to confront the oppressive aggression of the IRGC and other government security forces, the world will once again see that the uprising continues, that this regime has no stability and is now weaker than ever. Just on the opposite end, brave young men and women are determined to topple this religious monarchy and bring freedom and democracy to Iran.