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Mullahs’ Gestapo holds so-called ‘cultural show’ to conspire against PMOI in Albania


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English News

The clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and its agents in the Iranian embassy in Albania are working under the cover of cultural activities in Tehran and Tirana through the use of their known mercenaries to slander and disseminate false information against the Iranian Resistance and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) in Albania. While the mullahs’ regime is besieged by uprisings, protests and strikes all over the country, it needs more than ever to plot against its main opposition.
One of the latest examples was the holding of meetings to commemorate Naim Frashëri, the late poet of the nineteenth century from Albania, on March 5 and 6, 2018 in Tehran. The regime’s Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) and embassy brought a number of Albanian and Balkan nationals as academics and journalists to participate in these meetings.
According to MOIS-affiliated websites, at these meetings, known MOIS mercenaries such as Ebrahim Khodabandeh, as a representative of the MOIS-run Nejat Association, spoke with Albanian participants claiming that there were "security threats" by the PMOI to the "Balkans, and in particular Albania" and repeated ridiculous lies that their children are "being held captive" in the hands of the PMOI. They called for "facilitating the travel of families to Albania to meet their loved ones".
According to these sites, on March 6, a number of Albanian people were taken to the Nejat Association and met for a full day with a number of other mercenaries from the Ministry of Intelligence under the guise of family members of the PMOI who repeated the same ridiculous lies against the PMOI.

This is a repeat of the criminal scenario by the MOIS and the Qods Force against the PMOI in Iraq. While many relatives of the Mojahedin were imprisoned and tortured in Iran in connection with their children in Camp Ashraf, and while no real families were allowed to enter Iraq, a number of intelligence and Qods Force agents under the guise of family members were involved in the psychological torture of the Mojahedin in front of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty. Some of the people who participated in this year’s Nejat Association show on March 6 are those who for two years (February 2010 to December 2011) participated in the psychological torture of the Mojahedin in Camp Ashraf with 320 loudspeakers. Some of them never had any relatives in Ashraf and Liberty or currently have no relatives among the Mojahedin in Albania.
Khodabandeh, who was recruited by the Ministry of Intelligence 15 years ago, had threatened PMOI families to cooperate with the Ministry of Intelligence against their children before the transfer of Mojahedin to Albania. He traveled frequently to Iraq in those years to encourage Iranian and Iraqi mercenaries to exert pressure on the PMOI in Iraq.
The Secretariat of the NCRI in its statement of November 27, 2014 described the mission of Nejat Association against the PMOI in Iraq and said: “The Ministry of Intelligence dispatched a number of its well-known agents such as Ebrahim Khodabandeh to Iraq to meet with the regime’s Iraqi elements and its ambassador Danaifar to pave the way for this demonizing campaign…in a meeting with Ebrahim Khodabandeh at the regime’s embassy in Baghdad on October 16, Danaifar “promised to continue with his endeavors to establish contact between captive members of the Rajavi sect and their families and to use the full capacity of the embassy of the Islamic republic of Iran in Iraq for this purpose”.

Documents and details about the cooperation between Ebrahim Khodabandeh, his brother and his brother’s wife, and the MOIS have been published by the Iranian Resistance on numerous occasions. The December 2012 report by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress and the Pentagon described how these three people became the mercenaries of the MOIS.

MOIS agent Anne Khodabandeh (Singleton), Ebrahim Khodabandeh’s sister-in-law, was dispatched to Albania three times last November by the Ministry of Intelligence to conspire against the Mojahedin.
The Security and Counter-Terrorism Committee of the NCRI in a statement dated February 5, 2018, announced that Mostafa Roodaki, a veteran member of the clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence, was sent to Albania as the first secretary of the embassy in order to plot against the PMOI, adding that two branches of the Ministry of Intelligence, the Habilian Center and the Didban (Observatory) Institute, have become active in Albania under the cover of cultural and press activities to facilitate Roodaki’s work. The statement added: "Mullah Ahmad Hosseini Alast, the cultural attaché of the regime's embassy in Albania, is also involved in the plotting by the regime in Albania and other Balkan countries. He is the representative of the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization affiliated with Khamenei's office."

Since the purpose of the mullahs’ intelligence is to exert pressure and endanger the security of members of the PMOI in Albania, the Iranian Resistance urges the Albanian government not to allow the mullahs’ Gestapo and its mercenaries to freely meddle in the country and plot against Iranian refugees. The EU Council Resolution of April 1997 stipulated that all intelligence officers of the Iranian regime should be expelled from these countries.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 13, 2018