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Iran, The blaze of Fire Feast


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English News

The glows and warmth of fire on the Iranian traditional Fire Feast festivities that is observed just before the Persian New Year and the start of the spring season is a reflection of ancient beliefs that are deeply-rooted in the history of Iran.
These are beliefs in a culture that promise its subjects the end to the cold and freedom from the darkness and winter for people, society, and nature.
Mullahs’ theocratic regime objection to old traditions of Iranian people are nothing but a disrespect and a denial of cultural heritage and the history of a civilization rich in human values and progressive ideas.
This is a backward regime that has turned the festivities and celebrations of people on the last Wednesday of the Persian calendar year, in to a scene of arrests, torture and oppression for many years calling the festivities Zoroastrianism, fire worshiping, and atheism. 
That is all because it fears the people gathering together at these festivities.


Fire Feast, a Long-Lasting Tradition


When we look at history and culture of various civilizations, we can see that old traditions play a pivotal role in those societies. 
That is because ancient beliefs remaining from the past carry with them a desire for humanity to achieve high spirits and progress, and a will for better life and growth in the future.
Iranian old traditions such as Fire Feast and Now Rouz are among such traditions that are inclusive and are observed in Iran as well as many other countries in the region.
With their festivities on the last Wednesday eve of the Persian calendar year, the Iranians hold a large celebration by setting up large fires and jumping over them.  This is to represent their triumphant passage from the cold and darkness of winter into the light and warmth of spring.
Fire Feast is truly a celebration to say good bye to the cold winter and to say hello to the spring.


Fire Feast Just Before New Year of 1397


The truth is that the Iranian people with their brave uprising are aiming to do away with the mullahs’ regime and achieve freedom and rule of the people.
The truth is that terror and oppressive rule of the religious fascists ruling the country, has completely exhausted all social and economic capacities of Iran.
In order to cover up and hide its internal economic and social crisis and to buy time for its survival, the regime has used no other means but that of oppression, torture, and execution for the Iranian people and the language of terror externally.
But we are nearing the end of this regime as the true terrorist nature of it is now revealed to the world.
The truth is that oppression and terror and on the other hand corruption and the looting of the nation’s resources has brought us to a condition that people are being impoverished to the extremes and the regime just has no answer.
The regime is at a very fragile point and the people of Iran are determined to overthrow this anti-human regime with their uprising during the fire festival.
On February 21 the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran called on all Iranian youth and people to turn Fire Feast to another uprising against the regime.
For this reason all mullahs and commanders of IRGC that are the main oppressive forces of the regime are fearing the gatherings on this day.  They are continuously warning the youth not to gather or celebrate.
But the brave children of Iran are determined to carry on with the festival this year better than every year before.  They want to overthrow the blood-thirsty mullahs all together and bring the true spring of freedom to Iran.