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Continued Protests by Farmers, Workers, Students, Looted People and Other Social Strata in Iran


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English News

Iran Uprising - No. 114

On Sunday, March 11, in addition to the massive protests of eastern Isfahan farmers, protests by students, families of political prisoners, working and retired Ahvaz steel workers, and other strikes, protests and demonstrations continued across the country:

1. Workers of the Natanz steel and smelting complex continued their strike for the second day in a protest against the non-payment of their months of past due salaries.

2. Workers of the Kavir Yazd Tile manufacturing gathered in protest against unemployment and failure to pay their salaries for months in front of the Governorate and then marched in the city. The workers chanted: "Today is the day of mourning, the life of the worker is at risk today”. On their banners they wrote: "We, the workers of the Kavir tilem, are hungry; and Kavir tile = poverty and misery."




3. Workers from Ahvaz Sewage & Water Septic Company gathered in front of the company in Kianpars to receive their three months' overdue salary.

4. Tehran City Municipal contract workers protested against the failure to pay their salaries by gathering in front of the municipality building.




5. The workers of Iran Poplin's company in Rasht protested for the second day against non-payment of three months' salary, as well as their new year bonuses.

6. The employees of the Zamyad Automobile Company protested for delay in paying their salaries and bonuses.

7. A group of retired people from Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad gathered in Yasouj to protest against the imbalance in salary and failure to pay their claims in front of the regime's governorate.

8. A group of municipal workers in Abadan protested against not paying 9 months of their salary and four years of insurance premiums.

9. The dismissed staff of the Arman Vahdat Institute (nations) gathered in Khorramabad in front of this government's fraud institute. They object to their dismissal and the failure to pay their salaries, benefits and new year bonuses.

10. A large crowd of people in Kashan protested the deteriorating state of roads and accidents causing their loved ones to die and closed off the Kashan to Barzok road.

11. Protest rally of civil engineering students continued for the fifth time in front of the regime's parliament in Tehran. They have been discredited because of the changes in the titles of engineering bachelor's degrees, and their employment status is compromised.

12. “Snap” taxi drivers in Isfahan protested against unfair fares, which poured into the pockets of the regime's leaders.

13. Protest gathering of a group of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company drivers for five-year delay in delivering their homes entered its fourth week.

14. The looted people of the Velayate Andisheh gathered to protest the plunder of their deposits in front of the regime's parliament.

15. Several builders in the construction industry in Mashhad protested a several fold increase in social security pledges. It was written on the banner in their hands: "You are welcome to the mourning of the building industry. We can no longer continue."

16. A group of contractors from the Tehran municipality gathered in protest against the non-payment of their claims in front of Tehran City Council. They chanted: "We do not want an incompetenet council."

17. A group of employees of the Edalat Equity Cooperatives gathered in protest of the uncertainty about their job status and the failure to pay their outstanding salaries.

18. The residents of the Ashk Talkh Street in Kermanshah gathered to protest the five-month uncertainty and lack of accountability of the mayor of the region to pave the street.

Protesters of Pabdana coal mine workers in Zarand, dismissed workers of Gachsaran oil and gas company, workers of Slaughterhouse of Ilam Dam, workers of Shafarood dam in Rezvanshahr, workers of Iranian aluminum production factory (Iralko) in Arak, workers of Hamedan and Bushehr municipalities, as well as protest of looted people of state institutions in Tehran, Mashhad and Zanjan and dismissed employees of these institutions, protest by a number of merchants of the Plasco building in Tehran, and the protest rally of the ravaged people of the Kouye Ali Abad in the Barval district of Ahvaz were among the protests of Saturday March 10.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 12, 2018