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Ghouta’s Douma faces catastrophe - local council


English News
English News

 Orient Net, March 12, 2018--  Douma faces a “catastrophic” situation as it becomes the main haven for thousands of people fleeing advances by the regime’s militias into eastern Ghouta, its local council told Reuters on Monday.




Thousands of families are now sheltering in open streets and public gardens as existing basements and shelters are already overcrowded, the opposition-run Douma local council said.

“After more than 20 days of a barbaric campaign ... this has led to a deterioration of the humanitarian and food situation to a catastrophic level,” it said in a statement.




Burials of the dead at the city cemetery have been suspended due to the intensity of aerial strikes, it added.

At least 1050 Syrians have been killed in a ferocious air and artillery bombardment of the eastern Ghouta district since Feb. 18 as the Assad regime seeks to crush the major opposition stronghold near the capital Damascus.